032 ♠♣♠ Whistleblowers on Banks, Government, and Private Spooks

  Whistleblowers on Banks, Government, and Private Spooks

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U.S. Legislative,Law-Economics Financial System-0666FUS, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 2000, Law-Economics, Bank-Wall Street-Corp-Deregulation, Corruption, Bank Bailouts, Tea Party, Financial Crisis, Obama’s Clinton Ruben Economic Team, Commodities Futures Modernization Act 2000, a.k.a. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 2000, Deregulated Derivatives & Credit Default Swaps, Resulted In Mortgage Hot Potato, {Investigative Journalist’s Work/Book ~ “Griftopia”} ::
{{There are $700 – $900 Trillion worth of “Unregulated Derivatives” (05-29-13) //Financial Instruments created-out-of-thin-air to make money “Hedging Wall Street Bets” on Interest Rate Movement; The GOP/Blue Dog Corporate modified version of “Dodd Frank Financial Reform Act of 2010” has put the U.S. – F.D.I.C. (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) Bank Insurance Program in jeopardy by giving “Derivative Failures” a “Preferential Payment Status,” ahead of our Bank Deposits. …from Thom Hartman’s Weekday Radio Show @ WCPT Chicago 820 AM Streaming, 2-5 am & pm C.T.//F.Y.I: The Yearly GDP –  Gross Domestic Product of the World is just $65 Trillion (U.S. GDP is $14 -15 Trillion) per year.}}
“Matt Taibbi & Nomi Prins on the Financial Crisis”
~ via jeannekyle, {Subscribe}, on 06-18-11, YouTube, 10:16 min :: Link/URL
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jXvQbM_YSdA

>_^_ Derivative, Hedge Fund, & Flash Trader Friendly Wall Street Reform ::
“It’s bad enough that the banks strangled the Dodd-Frank law. Even worse is the way they did it – with a big assist from Congress and the White House.”
“How Wall Street Killed Financial Reform”
~ Matt Taibbi – Rolling Stone, 05-10-12 :: Link/URL
< http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/how-wall-street-killed-financial-reform-20120510
>   ####(02-18-14)*CBWS*ECT*ULE(UE42)(UE43)(UE44)###*
U.S. Legislative,Law-Economics-Financial System-08666FUS01A, Documentary; U.S. Executive (42, D) Pres. Bill Clinton, (Democrat – 1993 -2000); 2008 Market Crash; “Repeats of the Financial Crisis” ~ Warning by Brooksley Born- CFTC, Consumer Futures Trading Commission Chair 96-99; An American Hero Ridiculed by Both Bangksters & Capitol Hill-RentBoys, Born Warned About Danger to the Economy by Highly Secretive Multitrillion-Dollar Derivatives Market She Attempted to Regulate, Free Market, Pro-Business Anti-Regulation, Long Term Capital Management Hedge Fund Collapse ::
{{There are $700 – $900 Trillion worth of “Unregulated Derivatives” (05-29-13) //Financial Instruments created-out-of-thin-air to make money “Hedging Wall Street Bets” on Interest Rate Movement; The GOP/Blue Dog Corporate modified version of “Dodd Frank Financial Reform Act of 2010” has put the U.S. – F.D.I.C. (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) Bank Insurance Program in jeopardy by giving “Derivative Failures” a “Preferential Payment Status,” ahead of our Bank Deposits. …from Thom Hartman’s Weekday Radio Show @ WCPT Chicago 820 AM Streaming, 2-5 am & pm C.T.//F.Y.I: The Yearly GDP –  Gross Domestic Product of the World is just $65 Trillion (U.S. GDP is $14 -15 Trillion) per year.}}
“The Warning”
~ FRONTLINE, PBS, w/Brooksley Born-CFTC Chair 96-99, Alan Greenspan- 18 Year Fed Chief, Ayn Rand-Libertarian Nihilist, & Bangksters Bob Ruben, Timothy Geithner, & Larry Summers, 2009, Video, 55:16 min :: BB Link/URL
< http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/warning/view/#morelink

>_^_ “Derivatives Were Too Complicated To Understand,”
~ Brooksley Born – CFTC Chairman 96-99 ::
“Greenspan Admits Philosophical Error in ‘The Warming’“
~ Ayn Rand, Alan Greenspan, via GateKeeping50hotmail, {Subscribe}, on 10-23-09,YouTube, 10:26 min :: BB Link/URL
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QIHLezCyzCI&feature=related

>_^_ Derivative, Hedge Fund, & Flash Trader Friendly Wall Street Reform ::
“It’s bad enough that the banks strangled the Dodd-Frank law. Even worse is the way they did it – with a big assist from Congress and the White House.”
“How Wall Street Killed Financial Reform”
~ Matt Taibbi – Rolling Stone, 05-10-12 :: Link/URL
< http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/how-wall-street-killed-financial-reform-20120510
>   ####(09-17-13)*CBWD*ULL*WB(UE42)(UE43)(UE44)###*


U.S. Legislative,Law-Economics-Financial System-08666FUS03, Wall Street, Pres. Ronald Reagan, (Republican – 1981-1989), Garn-St. Germain Depository Institutions Act of 1982; Era Law; Wall Street Mortgage Deregulation; 2008 Mortgage Securities Bank Fraud; The Act minimized the down payment requirement on home mortgages; It loosened lending standards for other consumer credit ::
F.Y.I.:  Reagan started Fannie and Freddie Mortgage problems. It was a Lending Climate that resulted in No-Income-No-Job a.k.a. “Ninja Loans.” (Pushed by Mortgage Corp’s); Garn-St. Germain initiated a radical change in spending behavior, a rise of private debt, and moved household debt to 119% of income by 2007 (60% in 1981}.
“Reagan Did It”
~ Paul Krugman – NY Times, {Subscribe}, 05-31-09 :: BB Link/URL
< http://www.nytimes.com/2009/06/01/opinion/01krugman.html
>   ####(08-31-13)*CBWS*PMF*ULLE*WB(UE40)###*

Corp Wolf P.A.C. Warlord-0666HELBOYS-1386FU Goldman Sachs-10,
Hedge Fund (3/4ths), Trading House, Proprietary Trading, Trading On Inside Knowledge, Front Running Their Clients, Investment Bank (1/10th), Goldman Bet Against Housing Securities While Selling Same, Investment Bank/Commercial Bank/Hedge Fund/Bailout Baby
>_^_“How Goldman Sachs makes money-Part 1 of 2”
~ Lloyd Blankfein, Nomi Prins- Frmr Sach Mgr., David Stockman, Jeff Macke, via dogshu, {Subscribe}, 02-28-10,YouTube, 09:05 min  :: Link/URL
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=68vmvENbxiQ&feature=related

>_^_ “Goldman Sachs makes money – Part 2 of 2”
~ Elliot Spitzer, Steven Colbert, Nomi Prins- Frmr Sach Mgr., Simon Johnson-MIT, Lloyd Blankfein, Warren Buffet, Jay Eisenhofer, David Stockman- Frmr Reagan Admin, via dogshu, {Subscribe}, on 02-28-10, YouTube, 08:45 min :: Link/URL
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W34xygW7eEY&feature=related
> ####(03-20-13)*CWP###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+B|

Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO05, 2010 Elections, 6 Industries that run our Government;  Banks & Finance, Health Care Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Health Care Delivery, Energy, Military Industrial Complex::
Obama not trying to change the system at this point; 2010 Mid-terms ::
“40% of all money for political functionality comes from Banks” ~ Dylan Ratigan :: Obama Administration “became the agents of the status quo instead of agents of change” ~ Glenn Greenwald :: “The guy who sold us hope ended up robbing us of hope.” ~ Jenk Uygur :: “No campaign finance reform” :: Hired Tim Geitner, Rohm Emanuel & Larry Summers ::
“Cenk, Greenwald & Ratigan on Obama, 2010 Elections”
~ Cenk “Jenk” Uygur – TYT, {Podcast Subscriber Supported}, Glen Greenwald – Salon, Dylan Ratigan – Author ~ “Greedy Bastards” 2011 – Formerly MSNBC, via TheYoungTurks,11-04-10, YT/11:50 min :: Link/URL
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ggzNu6sUIk&feature=fvsr

>_^_ U.S. Executive(44) Pres. Barack Obama; Affordable (Private Health Insurance Access &)Care Act; Bangksters, Bank Bailout ::
The Iraq War was about acquisition of oil fields in Iraq by Dick Cheney;
Obama Administration packed with Robert Ruben clones ::
Clinton Admin’s Bob Ruben – of Goldman Sachs, worked to repeal Glass-Steagall Act 1933/Banking Act 1935, and pass Gramm Leach Bliley 1999, the Financial Services Modernization Act of 1999; Opened the door to Commodities & Derivatives speculation and higher prices for everything; Appointed Goldman Sachs employee as U.S. Treasury Sec. Timothy Geitner
“Matt Taibbi On Obama’s Big Sellout”
~ via thomhartmann, {Subscriber Supported}, on 12-16-09, YouTube, 16:48 min :: Link/URL
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aCVs_Y2l4T0&feature=relmfu

>_^_ Pres. Barack Obama, Cabinet Review, Corp Family Ties ::
“Obama: Met the New Boss”
~ via JonRevere {Subscribe}, on 04-09-11, YouTube, Music by “The Who,” 09:29 min :: Link/URL*^*<

>_^_ Pres. “Obama’s ’08 PACs: Keep Hoping for Change”
~ Jon Reynolds – Screeching Kettle Blog Spot, 03-01-11 :: Link/URL
< http://screechingkettle.blogspot.com/2011/02/obama-inc.html
>   ####(08-21-13)*CW*CBWS*EF*UJSC*WB###*


Class Warfare-0667B, Libertarian Tea Party I.D., Corporate Interests & Republican insiders built the Tea Party monster; {Koch Qaeda TeaHad};
Ayn Rand Libertarian – no regulations, no safety net, miniscule govt for police & armed forces not funded by the rich, fiefdoms for oligarchs ::
“Matt Taibbi takes down the far-right monster and the corporate insiders who created it” :: {Matt Taibbi ~ “Griftopia” 2009, Financial Meltdown blow by blow, & Tea Party Explained}
“The Truth About the Tea Party”
~ Matt Taibbi – Rolling Stone, {Subscriber Supported}, 09-28-10 :: Link/URL
< http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/17390/210904


Corp Wolf P.A.C. Warlord-0666C22, “Koch” Qaeda Bros Teahad & Billionaire Cabal, Astroturf Tea Party Movement ::
Meeting at Palm Springs, CA – “addressing threats to American Free Enterprise & Prosperity;” Goal: “develop Strategies To Counter The Most Severe Threats Facing Our Free Society…”::
Americans 4 (Trickle-Down) Prosperity P.A.C., Guest Of Honor include:
Stephen Bechtel, Philip Anschutz, David Chavern – C.O.O. non-U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Gov. Haley Barbour (R-*MS), Gov. Bobby Jindal (R-*LA), Sen. Jim DeMint (R-*SC), Sen. Tom Coburn (R-*OK), Rep. Mike Pence (R-*IN), Rep Tom Price (R-*GA), GOP KochTea Rep. Paul Ryan (R-*WI),
Supreme Court Justices Clarence Thomas & Antonin Scalia; Stephen Schwartzman – Hedge Fund CEO, Amway, Home Depot, Fox News & all these Think-Tanks ::
Glenn Beck Address ~ “Is America On The Road To Serfdom”
~ Keith Olbermann – MSNBC Countdown, {Subscribe}, Matt Taibbi – Rolling Stone, Author ~ “Griftopia” ’09 financial crash causes & Tea Party Origins; via tigerone1970,{Subscribe}, 10-25-12, YT/06:59 min::BB Link/URL
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-rpcb9iSJY

>_^_ Duplicate, Backup
”Olbermann: The Kochtopus”
~ MSNBC, via videosift.com,{Subscribe},10-20-10, V06:59 min::BB Link/URL
< http://www.politics.videosift.com/video/Olbermann-The-Kochtopus

>_^_ Duplicate, Backup
“Olbermann Discusses the Koch Brothers & Their Extremist Corporate Agenda”
~ MSNBC, {Ad & Cable Subscriber Supported}, via VRAdmin, on 10-21-10, YouTube, 07:05 min :: BB Link/URL*^*<

>_^_ Koch Watch, {Subscriber Supported} :: BB Link/URL
< http://www.kochwatch.org
>   ####(03-15-13)*CWP(SEG)(*IN)(*LA)(*SC)(*GA)(*MS)(*OK)(*WI)###*


Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO01AFU1, POTUS 43 Bush, Bradley “I ❤ ppl w/better tans too”MANNING, Incarcerated, @1%’s Military Show Trial, U.S. Army War Crimes ::

/\/Click_ Blue_ Links < ↓ /\/see Intro_ Quotes_ Credits/\/

CAUTION: “This video, of dead men walking, is brutal”

Bradley Manning, U.S. War Dept. C.I.A. Iraq, 2007 Apache Helicopter attack on group of Non-Combatants including 2 journalists on Bagdad street corner; Minutes later a van that was picking up wounded was shot causing more casualties, including 2 children


“Collateral Murder – Wikileaks – Iraq”

~ Wiki, via sunshine press, {Subscribe}, 04-03-10, YT/17:47 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5rXPrfnU3G0

>   ####(08-08-13)*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|

Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO01AFU2, POTUS 43 Bush, Bradley “I ❤ ppl w/better tans too”MANNING, Incarcerated, @1%’s Military Show Trial, U.S. Army War Crimes ::

Harsh Sentencing by Military Judge Col. Denise Lind will bring her a handsome promotion ::


“Facing Rest of Life Behind Bars, Will Bradley Manning’s Sentencing Weigh Lack of Harm to U.S.?”

~ Amy Goodman & Nermeen Shaikh – Democracy Now, Alexa O’Brian, Jeffrey Toobin – CNN, Glenn Greenwald – The Guardian, {Subscriber Supported}, on 07-31-13, Video, 16:00 min :: Link/URL*^*<


>  ####(08-06-13)*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|

Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO01AFU3, POTUS 43 Bush, Bradley “I ❤ ppl w/better tans too”MANNING, Incarcerated, @1%’s Military Show Trial  for Wall Street Profit-Charter “Values,” U.S. Army War Crimes ::

War Dept., Pentagon Budget, Pres. George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, War On Terror, The Carlyle Group –

A Merchant Bank Investing In Private Equity Corp Takeovers (A Creation of Pres. Ronald Reagan – who “Freed the hands of The Job Creators”/”Living” Job-Crater-gods-of-Blood-Sacrifice);

“The Iron Triangle” Is the Confluence of Military, Big Business, and Politics; A Privately Held Company w/No Government Scrutiny, Buying Influence Of x-Presidents & U.S. Politicians, Revolving Door For U.S. Politicians Capitalizing On Influence In “Private Work” For Carlyle Group; Politicians ”Set Up Policies (while in government based on Private Equity “Guidance/Political Contributions”), Leave and Take Advantage Of These Policies” (Papa Bush, Jim Baker, Colon Powell) ::

Carlyle Private Equity Firm, “The Buy Out Practice;” 11th or 12th Largest Defense Contractors; Destroyed Reputation Of Congresswoman Who Noted Conflicts Of Interest Between President George W. Bush’s Defense Request For Antiquated Carlyle Corp’s Weapons System, and Papa Bush’s Carlyle Group Owning The Missile System That The Military Did Not Want;


Carlyle Group Washington D.C. Meeting 09-11-01 included: George H.W. (Papa) Bush, A Heavily Invested Saudi Prince, and Upper Level Management Of Carlyle Group Who Watched As Terrorist Airplanes with 18/19 Saudi National Terrorists Hit Twin Towers, Pentagon, and A Killing Field In PA; Saudi Royals Invested In Carlyle Group War Systems That Fight Terrorism While Privately Funding Terrorism; (Pres. George W. Bush Whisked A Florida Family Of Saudi Royals Out Of The Country Hours After 911 …So They Would Not Have To Answer Questions About Aiding and Abetting Saudi Terrorists?) ::

[Saudi Sheik [Dictator] and  2nd biggest FOX News Entertainment “Investor” Al-Waleed Bin Talal was also invested in “War” through the Carlyle Group represented by “family friend” POTUS 41 George H.W. “Papa C.I.A.” Bush, on 09-11-01/911] ::

[Remember how Saudi National and deposed citizen, Osama Bin Laden, was credited for the attack on NY Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and an airliner plunged into a field in Pennsylvania on 09-11-01, just 8 months after POTUS 43 George “W” Bush was sworn in?] ::

George W. Bush prosecuted “The War On Terror” and spent hundreds of billions w/Carlyle Group Corp’s whose stock multiplied in value during the POTUS 43 tenure.

“The Iron Triangle – The Carlyle Group”

~ via noitv, {Subscribe}, on 11-26-09, YouTube, 46:43 min :: BB Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3Sb6rvVRJo

>   ####(04-26-13)*CBWS*ECPB*2WB(UE41)(UE43)###*
#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO01AFU4, POTUS 43 Bush, Bradley “I ❤ ppl w/better tans too”MANNING, Incarcerated, @1%’s Military Show Trial for Exposing U.S. Army War Crimes ::
U.S. War Dept. C.I.A. Afghanistan & Iraq ::

Pfc. Bradley Manning – Nobel Prize Nominee 2013 ::
United States v. Pfc Bradley E. Manning, Transcript (loosely construed unofficial) from 02-28-13 Court-martial Pre-Trial Proceedings, Fort Meade, Maryland, 03-01-13 ::

Conclusion: Bradley Manning’s mind was wounded by what he perceived to be a preponderance of evidence of the morbid effects of 2 wars that killed, injured, and displaced too many for reasons deemed invalid to a civilized human being, himself. ::

This Testimony is an intimate look inside the military service history and mind of Pfc Bradley Manning and it is informative to say the least. ::


>_^_ “…provides the first account …of how he came to download hundreds of thousands of classified documents and videos from secure military databases and transmit them to the anti-secrecy website WikiLeaks.” ::

“In the absence of a full official copy of Manning’s statement, journalists have had to rely on their own note-taking from court”

“Bradley Manning’s personal statement to court martial: full text”
~ theguardian, {Subscriber Supported}, 03-01-13 :: Link/URL

< http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013/mar/01/bradley-manning-wikileaks-statement-full-text
>_^_ “…he is a consummate hero, and deserves a medal and our collective gratitude, not decades in prison.” ::

“he said he took ‘full responsibility’ for a decision that will likely land him in prison for the next 20 years — and possibly the rest of his life.” ::

“I want people to see the truth … regardless of who they are … because without information, you cannot make informed decisions as a public.”

~ Manning ::

“The 25-year-old Army Private, this generation’s Daniel Ellsberg, pleads guilty today to some charges and explains his actions”


“Bradley Manning: the face of heroism”

~ Glenn Greenwald – theguardian – On Security & Liberty, {Subscriber Supported}, 02-28-13 :: Link/URL

< http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/2013/feb/28/bradley-manning-heroism-pleads-guilty?commentpage=5
>_^_ “The charge of ‘aiding the enemy’ is vague. But it carries the death penalty—and could apply to civilians as well as soldiers.” ::

“If the Viet Cong photocopied the Pentagon Papers, could Daniel Ellsberg have been prosecuted for aiding the enemy?” ::

“Are we the America of Japanese Internment and Joseph McCarthy, or are we the America of Ida Tarbell and the Pentagon Papers?”


“The Dangerous Logic of the Bradley Manning Case”

~ Yochai Benkler, Professor at Harvard Law School and co-Director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard – New Republic, {Subscriber Supported} :: Link/URL

< http://www.newrepublic.com/article/112554#

>   ####(03-02-13)*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|



Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO01AFU9, POTUS 43 Bush, Bradley “I ❤ ppl w/better tans too”MANNING, Incarcerated, @1%’s Military Show Trial:

Exposing embarrassing U.S. Army War Crimes ::
(1) “his thorough intelligence fueled by intellectual curiosity and

(2) his empathy for other people when so many in war had lost their humanity.”::

“…Manning’s empathy for fellow human beings.  The incident …a seriously injured Iraqi civilian on the ground at the end of the Collateral Murder video. He lifts two fingers toward the soldier, a well-known sign of friendship, as he asks for help. The US soldier responds lifting his middle finger as the Iraqi died. …Manning acknowledges that this ‘burdens me emotionally.'”
“We Must Not Fail Wikileaks Whistleblower Bradley Manning”
~ Kevin Zeese – Occupy2011 & co-director of Its Our Economy, via TruthOut, {Subscriber Supported}, 05-03-13 :: Link/URL

< http://truth-out.org/news/item/14900-we-must-not-fail-wikileaks-whistleblower-bradley-manning#.UTPjldoiJLs.facebook

>   ####(07-17-13)*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO01B, A.G. Eric “Big-Bank Hand” HOLDER, Assaulted & Prosecuted Occupy Movement Protestors ::
/\/Click_ Blue_ Links < ↓ /\/see Intro_ Quotes_ Credits/\/

War on Occupy, A.L.E.C. Billionaire Cabal Meeting :: Arizona Homeland Security Fusion Centers, Involving all levels of Law Enforcement spying on Occupy Phoenix & A.L.E.C. meeting protestors; Police & Anti-Terrorism Units collaborated with A.L.E.C. ::

Arizona Fusion Center sent a Face Sheet To A.L.E.C. Security; “Giving downtown banks everything they need” :: “Destroyed Levy guidelines” ::

Eric “Big-Bank Hand” Holder – Attorney General, “Waging war on whistleblowers” and Occupy Protest against Wall Street Banks :: (U.S. = Corporatocracy) ::

Whistleblower Nemesis & Wall Street Covington & Burling Corp’s (a Big-Bank Defense Law Firm) Fav Atty General – Eric “Big-Bank Hand” HOLDER’s Just’-ice Dept.
“Editor of The Progressive Calls For Eric Holder to Resign Over Spying on Press, Occupy Protesters”

~ Amy Goodman DemocracyNow, with Matthew Rothschild – The Progressive, via democracynow, {Subscriber Supported}, on 05-22-13, YouTube, 06:15 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_Dii2fJpDI
>_^_ Expanded Duplicate, 05-22-13, Video, 09:00 min :: Link/URL*^*<


>   ####(07-26-13)*CWP*WB*(PIO)(UE44)(CBWS)###*

#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|



Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO020A, POTUS 43 Bush, U.S. Senator Ron WYDEN – (D-*OR), Matthew OLSEN, Exposed N.S.A./C.I.A. Domestic Spying

/\/Click_ Blue_ Links < ↓ /\/see Intro_ Quotes_ Credits/\/

U.S. War Dept. & C.I.A./N.S.A. – National Security Agency Wiretapping Secrecy Sidestepped In Congressional Hearing By Top NSA Lawyer, Matthew OLSEN ::

“Senator Ron Wyden (D-*OR) pressed for answers regarding secret interpretations of surveillance law during an open Senate Intelligence Committee nomination hearing with Matthew Olsen, the National Security Administration’s top lawyer.”

“Wyden Gets NSA’s Top Lawyer to Confirm Secret Interpretations of Surveillance Laws”

~ via (U.S. Sen.) RonWyden, {Subscribe}, 07-26-11, YT/06:26 min::Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DERehlOPt3I
>_^_ Reauthorization of Patriot Act, U.S. Senator Ron WYDEN’s Comments; Secret Interpretation of Law ::

“on the floor of the U.S Senate during …reauthorization of the PATRIOT ACT for another four years, U.S. Senator Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) – a member of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence – warned his colleagues that a vote to extend the bill without amendments that would ban any Administration’s ability to keep internal interpretations of the Patriot Act classified will eventually cause public outrage.” ::

“Known as Secret Law, the official interpretation of the Patriot Act could dramatically differ from what the public believes the law allows. …severe violations of the Constitutional and Civil Rights…”

“Wyden Warns of Potential Public Backlash From Allowing Secret Law”
~ via (U.S. Sen.) RonWyden, {Subscribe}, 05-27-11, YT/23:38 min::Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vMAX_Frj8xM

>   ####(06-14-13)*ULDSRW*WB###*
#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|
Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO020B, POTUS 43 Bush, U.S. Senator Ron WYDEN – (D-*OR), James CLAPPER, Exposed N.S.A./C.I.A. Domestic Spying;

National Security Agency wiretapping secrecy sidestepped in Congressional Hearing ::

N.S.A./C.I.A. lie to Senate Intelligence Committee by James CLAPPER of NSA; “Not wittingly” spying on American citizens; “On March 12 Ron Wyden who sits on the Senate Intelligence Committee asked DNI James Clapper if the NSA collects data on millions of Americans. Clapper answer that no the NSA does not at least not wittingly collect info on American. In light of the report about the NSA collecting phone records from Verizon”
“DNI James Clapper of the NSA caught lying”
~ via TopDiCapo, James Clapper – NSA – National Security Agency, & Sen. Ron Wyden, via TopDiCapo, {Subscribe}, 06-11-13, YT/01:14 min::Link/URL
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N4vFOax-Zzc
>   ####(06-17-13)*WB*ULDSRW*UWPSF*(ULDRHJ)*WB###*
#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|
Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO020C, POTUS 43 Bush, U.S. Rep. Hank JOHNSEN (D-*GA 4) questions Gen. Keith ALEXANDER – NSA Chief, Lying to Oversight Committee ::
Rep. “Hank Johnson asking the director of the NSA about the big brother style spying on all domestic communications in the United States. …And how they are collecting massive amounts of data without a warrant. This was about 1 year before it became viral on the mainstream media.”
“NSA – National Spy Agency caught lying”
~ via TopDiCapo, {Subscribe}, NSA – National Security Agency & Sen. Ron Wyden, on 06-10-13, YouTube, 05:13 min :: Link/URL
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSTX7ZsX02U
>#(06-17-13)*WB(ULDRHJ)*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|
Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO020D, POTUS 43 Bush, U.S. Senator Ron WYDEN – (D-*OR), Exposed N.S.A./C.I.A. Domestic Spying, F.I.S.A. COURT :: U.S. War Dept. & C.I.A./N.S.A. – NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY WIRETAPPING Secrecy Sidestepped In Congressional Hearing ::

F.I.S.A. COURT – FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE ACT of 1978 COURT, National Security Agency – NSA Spying Approval Court [Chief Just-ice “CorpCitizensUnited Against U.s” John Roberts handpicked members of the F.I.S.A. “Spy” COURT]

Sen. Ron Wyden (D-*OR), Sen. Dianne FEINSTEIN (D-*CA), Sen. Jeff MERKLEY (D-*OR) ::
F.I.S.A – FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE ACT, “a 1978 law permitting the government to spy on correspondence between Americans and foreign individuals.” ::
Supervision by Senate Intelligence Committee ::
“Wyden, leading the charge to challenge the reauthorization, argues that the ‘Senate cannot say that we passed the smell test with respect to vigorous oversight if we don’t have some sense of how many Americans … are being swept up under the legislation.’” ::
“[Wyden] has placed a hold on the bill as he seeks information from the federal authorities, who have told Wyden in the past that they can’t deliver that data [on how many Americans are caught up in the surveillance dragnet].” ::
“Wyden’s amendment would require the NSA to put a number on how many Americans have been affected. …Jeff Merkley, proposed an amendment that would require the secret court that reviews surveillance requests, known as the FISA court, to inform the public when it makes ‘important rulings of law.’” ::
“Despite concerns by fellow Democrats and civil libertarians, the senator says there’s ample oversight on spying”
“Feinstein defends domestic surveillance program”
~ Natasha Lennard – Salon, {Subscriber Supported}, 12-27-12 :: Link/URL*<

>_^_ The PATRIOT ACT: “…made a number of changes to U.S. law. Key acts changed were the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 (FISA), the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 (ECPA)…”
“Patriot Act”
~ Wikipedia, free Encyclopedia, {Subscriber Supported} :: Link/URL
< http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Patriot_Act
>##(06-15-13)*ULDS*WB#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|
Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO020E, POTUS 43 Bush, U.S. Rep. Dennis KUCINICH (D-*OH), U.S. House Floor, NDAA/NATIONAL DEFENSE AUTHORIATION ACT of 2011, a.k.a. …the HOMELAND BATTLEFIELD BILL, Indefinite Detention ::

[Kucinich (D-*OH) was defeated, in a primary in 2012 …with Blue Dog Corp Democrat Marcy Kaptur, when GO Pee Gerrymandering overlapped their U.S. House Districts]
“S.1867 – indefinite detention of US citizens!”
~ Rep. Dennis Kucinich, {Subscribe},12-15-11 ,YT/03:22 min::Link/URL*^*< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AENPHDM9IoQ&playnext=1&list=PL1512D860F64896B8
>   ####(01-11-13)*WB(ULDRDK)###*

#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|
Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO020FU2, POTUS 43 Bush, Chris HEDGES, NDAA – National Defense Authorization Act of 2011, a.k.a. …Homeland Battlefield Bill on Indefinite Detention ::  /\/Click_ Blue_ Links < ↓ /\/see Intro_ Quotes_ Credits/\/

U.S. War Dept., C.I.A./N.S.A. Whistleblower Law/a.k.a… the Homeland Battlefield Bill, Detention until hostilities have ceased; Including those who “Substantially Supported” & detention of “Associated Forces,” …2 phrases identified by Glen Greenwald – Columnist & Constitutional Lawyer that are “designed by the govt. to expand the definition of terrorism to include groups that were NOT involved in 9/11 and may not have existed before those attacks.” ::

“Challenging vague legal wording designed to subject people to arrest without trial for a lifetime if someone desires to silence dissenting voices like Journalists & those unknowingly deemed a threat …on the mere word from Totalitarian Power” ::

{Ex. of Detentions abound under the same pretext in South America where Coups were staged by C.I.A. & Big U.S. Corp’s colonizing these Countries; Seizing Power for Corp’s & implementation of Austerity is the Objective} ::
[Reference Books: “American Fascism” ~ Chris Hedges, & “Shock Doctrine” ~ Naomi Klein, 2007 ] ::
“The Law Will Serve Justice or Injustice”
”The Polite Conference Rooms Where Liberties Are Saved and Lost”
~ Truthdig, {Subscriber Supported}, Chris Hedges – Reporter for two decades on wars in Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. His recent books are “Days of Destruction,” “Days of Revolt,” “Death of the Liberal Class,” & “The World as It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress;” 03-26-12 :: BB Link/URL

< http://readersupportednews.org/opinion2/304-justice/10646-the-polite-conference-rooms-where-liberties-are-saved-and-lost
>   ####(01-08-13)*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|



Indefinite Detention; U.S. War Dept. C.I.A./N.S.A. ::

Some President Could Abuse This Law, Totalitarian State, S 1867 passed 93-7 by the Senate


“Passed: Americans can be detained without due process bill – Senate 1867”

~ via Amedeo777, {Subscribe}, 12-04-11, YouTube, 05:19 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=fvwp&NR=1&v=4EpJ8gGcDRs
>   ####(01-08-13)*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|

Indefinite Detention; U.S. War Dept. & C.I.A./N.S.A.; Police State/U.s Indefinitely detain Americans without a trial


“New Bill Known As Enemy Expatriation Act Would Allow Government To Strip Citizenship Without Conviction”

~ Stephen D. Foster Jr. – AddictingInfo, {Subscribe}, 01-06-12 :: Link/URL

< http://www.addictinginfo.org/2012/01/06/new-bill-known-as-enemy-expatriation-act-would-allow-government-to-strip-citizenship-without-conviction/

>   ####(01-08-13)*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|



Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO01B, Class Warfare Since The late 1970’s, Inequality In America ::
“the tax restructuring in favor of the rich …free trade and offshoring, the atrophying of the real minimum wage, the dismantling of real pensions and employer contributions to healthcare, the shift from full time permanent jobs to part time and temp work, the destruction of unions and higher paying union jobs, the displacing of higher paid jobs with technology, substitution of credit for lack of wage growth, failure to invest in the US…”

“Obama and Co. Discover Inequality – Better Late Than Never?”

~ The Greenville Post, {Subscribe}, Jack Rasmus – radio show, ‘Alternative Visions’ on Progressive Radio Network – author, “Obama’s Economy: Recovery for the Few,” 02-28-14 :: Link/URL
< http://www.greanvillepost.com/2014/01/28/obama-and-co-discover-inequality/

>###(03-01-14)*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|
Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO01B, POTUS 43 Bush, POTUS 42 Clinton; Chris HEDGES details American Fascism, Class Warfare, Corporate Fraud & Abuse :: /\/Click_ Blue_ Links < ↓ /\/see Intro_ Quotes_ Credits/\/

Using Washington D.C. & Main Stream National News Media Courtiers …“The Corporate State Hijacked Government” ::

2.8 million lost homes in 2009 ::

“Brand Obama Does Not Challenge the Corporate State” ::

“50 Million Americans in Poverty” … “Anti-Trust Laws Gone” … “Corporations control government” … “Corporate Security State emerging from the Patriot Act” … “Seize & maintain government control” … “Totalitarianism” … “Power Elite” … “Neo Feudalism” ::

“Corporate Forces will never permit political reform” ::

“Health Care Industry, like the Defense Industry, profits from death.” ::

“The Industry’s money & lobbyists drives the discussion in Washington.” ::

(Min 38:00 ) “America is devolving into a third world nation. And if we do not immediately halt our elites rapacious looting of the public treasury, and our bizarre state socialism for corporations, we will be left with trillions in debts which can never be repaid, and widespread human misery which we will be helpless to ameliorate. Our anemic democracy will be replaced with a robust national police state. The elite will withdraw into heavily guarded gated communities where they will have access to security, goods, and services that cannot be afforded by the rest of us.”

“Chris Hedges’ Empire of Illusion :: The News School”

~ Chris Hedges – Reporter for two decades on wars in Latin America, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. His recent books are “Days of Destruction,” “Days of Revolt,” “Death of the Liberal Class,” & “The World as It Is: Dispatches on the Myth of Human Progress;” via The New School, {Subscribe}, Column in Truth Dig, 12-16-09, YT/1:22:23 :: Link/ URL*^*<
>_^_ “How Corporations Destroyed American Democracy” {DUPLICATE ^}

~via PHubb, {Subscribe}, 07-20-10, YouTube, 65:16 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QRQjF1IPgKQ&feature=related

>##(12-15-13)*CW*WB2##*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|



Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO15B, POTUS 43 Bush, Whistleblower-08666ES02, Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board ::
“National Security Agency’s program to collect bulk phone call records has provided only ‘minimal’ benefits in counterterrorism efforts, is illegal” ::
“238-page report …by the Privacy and Civil Liberties Oversight Board, which Congress made an independent agency in 2007…” ::
“…’First and Fourth Amendments, raises serious threats to privacy and civil liberties …has shown only limited value… …recommends that the government end the program.'” ::
“Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court produced no judicial opinion detailing its legal rationale for the program until last August (2013), …issuing orders to phone companies for the records and to the N.S.A. for how it could handle them since May 2006.”
“Watchdog Report Says N.S.A. Program Is Illegal and Should End”
~ Charlie Savage – New York Times, {Subscribe}, 01-23-14 :: Link/URL
< http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/23/us/politics/watchdog-report-says-nsa-program-is-illegal-and-should-end.html?action=click&contentCollection=Business%20Day&region=Footer&module=TopNews&pgtype=article
>##(01-30-14)*WB(UE44)##*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|
Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO01B, War View Defined by Presidential Powers Used ::
“Obama’s War Against Civilization”
~ Glen Ford – Black Agenda Report, {Subscribe}, 02-26-14 :: Link/URL
< http://www.blackagendareport.com/content/obama%E2%80%99s-war-against-civilization
>   ####(03-01-14)*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|

Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO01OCCUPY, Arizona Fusion Center conspired with corporations and A.L.E.C. to manage Occupy Protests against Corp Greed ::

“how fusion centers and other counter terrorism entities that have emerged since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 have worked to benefit numerous corporations engaged in public-private intelligence sharing partnerships.  While the report examines many instances of fusion center monitoring of Occupy activists nationwide”

“Government Surveillance of Occupy Movement”

“Special Report by Center for Media and Democracy and DBA Press”

“Government Surveillance of Occupy Movement”

~ Beau Hodai – Center for Media and Democracy, Source Watch, {Subscriber Supported}, 05-20-13 :: Link/URL*^*<

>_^_ “businesses – including banks – received alerts authored by the Arizona fusion center about planned protest …alerts to banks were given in the run-up to the November 5 day of action labeled “Bank Transfer Day,” which encouraged people to move their money from corporate banks to more local financial institutions.” ::

“A new report is an eye-opening look into how the U.S. counter-terror apparatus was used to track the Occupy movement.”

“How America’s National Security Apparatus – in Partnership With Big Corporations – Cracked Down on Dissent”

~ Alex Kane – AlterNet, {Subscriber Supported}, 05-21-13 :: Link/URL

< http://www.alternet.org/news-amp-politics/how-americas-national-security-apparatus-partnership-big-corporations-cracked-down
<_^_ “Intel. Disclosures and Gossip Such as Not to Spoil Your Tea”
~ Gordon Duff – Word Press, {Subscriber Supported}, 04-22-12 :: Link/URL

< http://ascendingstarseed.wordpress.com/category/rise-of-fascism-the-corporate-control-of-america/alec-and-koch-bros/

>##(09-08-13)*CBWS*WB#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|



Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO01OCCUPY, Assaulted & Prosecuted Occupy  Movement Protestors ::
Bank Inside Jobs & Bailouts w/o Prosecution; The First Amendment Fails; Police State; Occupy Movement beaten up by Police Nationwide ::
Presidential Candidate Herman Cain’s Sexual Harassment Allegations (min 1-11), Rick Perry Gaffs (min 11-17);
Occupy (min 17-46) Denver CO, Portland Mayor Sam Adams, Nashville TN, Rochester NY, Austin TX,  Richmond VA, March on Koch Industries Wichita KS, Oakland CA, Denver CO assault on Occupy (min 22-26), New York Zucatti Park police suggesting mentally ill and drug addicts go to Occupy (min 26-32) :: FOX NOOSE against Occupy (min 41)
“Countdown with Keith Olbermann from Current.TV – Monday, October 31, 2011”
~ Keith Olbermann and Evan McMorris-Santoro –Talking Points Memo, {Subscriber Supported}, Matt Taibbi – Rolling Stone, Elliot Spitzer, via thinkingliberal, {Subscribe}, 11-01-11, YouTube, 46:15 min ::Link/URL*^*<
>###(06-06-13)*PIO*WB##*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666-01, F.B.I. Credibility; Over 150 Shootings of Suspects while in FBI Custody or during Active Investigation in the last 20 yrs ::
“Was Todashev executed by the FBI??”
“Maddow: Something’s Very Rotten w/ FBI Tsarnaev-Todashev Boston Bombing-Linked “Investigation”
~ via incitebytes, Rachel Maddow – MSNBC, {Corp Ad & Cable Subscriber Supported}, on 07-17-13, YouTube, 11:58 min :: Link/URL
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jph02IOBxTk

>_^_ “The F.B.I. takes very seriously any shooting incidents involving our agents…” ~ F.B.I. ::
“…internal investigations …outcomes …predictable: from 1993 to early 2011, F.B.I. agents fatally shot about 70 ‘subjects’ and wounded about 80 others — and every one of those episodes was deemed justified, according to …F.B.I. records obtained by The New York Times through …lawsuit.” ::
“2002 shooting …the bureau paid $1.3 million to a victim …(F.B.I) deemed the shooting …justified.” ::
“…there had been no findings of improper intentional shootings.”
“The F.B.I. Deemed Agents Faultless in 150 Shootings”
~ Charlie Savage & Michael S. Schmidt – The New York Times, {Corp Ad & Subscriber Supported}, 06-18-13 :: Link/URL
< http://www.nytimes.com/2013/06/19/us/in-150-shootings-the-fbi-deemed-agents-faultless.html?pagewanted=all&_r=0

>_^_ “Maddow: WTF Is Up With The FBI? Killing Mystery Deepens: Was Tsarnaev Friend Todashev Executed?”
~ via incitebytes, Rachel Maddow – MSNBC, Michael Rezendes – Boston Globe,  {Corp Ad & Cable Subscriber Supported}, on 05-31-13, YouTube, 13:27 min :: Link/URL
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WyeC7laAzII
>   ####(12-07-13)*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO17A, Richard CLARKE, Foreign Donor’s U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE, Cyber Terrorism ::
/\/ Click_ Blue_ Links < ↓ /\/see Intro_ Quotes_ Credits/\/
– Tom Donahue, CEO, Corp’s Warlord (USCC = Private Corp, Not U.S. Anything, Not Federal, Not A Government Entity) ::
Cyber Terrorism Against Progressive Groups ::
“Richard Clarke Says U.S. Chamber May Have Committed A Felony With Hacking Plot” ::
“cyber terrorism …first reported by ThinkProgress, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s attorneys began working with three military contractors — Berico, HB Gary, and Palantir — to come up with a proposal to discredit groups like ThinkProgress, the SEIU, StopTheChamber.com, MoveOn.org, and others. The tactics… spying on families, using malware computer viruses to steal private information, using fake documents to embarrass liberals, and creating fake identities to infiltrate their targets.”
“Richard Clarke Chamber Hacking Scandal”
~ Lee Fang – ThinkProgress, {Subscriber Supported}, 03-24-11 :: Link/URL
< http://thinkprogress.org/2011/03/24/richard-clarke-chamber-hacking-scandal/
>###(03-18-13)*CWP*WB##*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|

Whistleblower-0666-02, STRATFOR, CORPORATE SPYING – Shadow CIA; U.S. War Dept. & C.I.A./N.S.A.; Private Spy Sub-Contractors,  Corporatocracy, Class Warfare, Cyber Warfare ::

/\/Click_ Blue_ Links < ↓ /\/see Intro_ Quotes_ Credits/\/

“Working for Coca-Cola, Goldman Sachs, Dow Chemical, & sectors of the US. Govt – Homeland Security, Marine Corps, & Defense Intel Agency”

“Wikileaks: Emails Leak Exposes Inner Workings of Private Intel Firm STRATOR – ‘Shadow CIA’”

~ Amy Goodman – Democracy Now, {Subscriber Supported}, info via Anonymous, Wikileaks & Julian Assange, YouTube, 08:10 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfZExzKGkIc&feature=share

>   ####(04-24-13)*EC*UW*WB###*

#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|

Whistleblower-0666-03, Corp’s Electronic Surveillance, Fascism ::

Employers can require Social Network Passwords as a condition of Employment for Corp “Living” Job-Creator-god “Saviors” & the GO Pee; U.S. Senate dominated by Democrats rejected “This Golden Shower”

“Facebook Protection Amendment Voted Down In House”

~ Michael McAuliff – Huff Post, {Subscribe}, 03-27-12 :: BB Link/URL

< http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/03/27/facebook-password-protection-amendment-congress_n_1384045.html?ref=politics
>_^_ “Allan Friedman, fellow and research director for the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings, says that if people are unwilling to share their information, entire parts of the information economy could collapse.”


“Internet Privacy and Security”

~ Allan Friedman, via Brookings Institution, {Subscribe}, on 05-20-11, YouTube, 05:34 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_QBSz5YNjsc

>   ####(08-03-13)*CW*PIF*RTS*ULL*WB###*

#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|

Whistleblower-0666-04, Anonymous Hacktivists, Cyber Terrorism, Cyber-Self-Defense ::
50,000 members worldwide; Data controls the world; Some Government & Corp IT personnel are willing to give up passwords to activists; The FBI is joining hacktivist networks

“Anonymous controlling all US classified databases?”

~ Greg Housh – RT News, via RTAmerica, {Subscriber Supported}, on 05-12-12, YouTube, 07:27 min :: Link/URL*^*<


>   ####(04-23-13)*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|



Whistleblower-0666POTUS-08, Naomi KLEIN, Exposing Phase 3-4 Cancer-Capitalism and Mega-Corp’s Profit-Chartered Empire ::
”The Shock Doctrine: the rise of disaster capitalism”
~ Naomi Klein – Oxford Economist, War Correspondent, Investigative Journalist, Forensic Economist, [in a 4 yr on-the-ground investigation] Authored “The Shock Doctrine” 2007; Knopf Publishing, Canada, ISBN: 978-0-676-97800-1 ::
Observing the effects of U.S. foreign policy decisions, world banking institutions and loan impacts, trade agreement influences, U.S. War Dept. C.I.A. and economic policy evaluations ::
[American Exceptionalism – a U.S. Democracy/Corporatocracy projecting Laissez-(un)faire Friedman Chicago-School Austerity-Economics (with its Shock Doctrine tool box) onto coup and bribe manufactured totalitarian states that feature colonialism and exploitation.  This U.S. “value system” achieves the Corporate A+ rating by using neo-con “maleligious values” of gun-slinger dominionism and blind-belief wedded to profit-chartered nihilism.] :: BB Link/URL
>_^_ Naomi Klein, 2009 Documentary Film & 2007 Book ::
”The Shock Doctrine 2009”
~ A Renegade Picture/Revolution Films, via MrSaunders2020, {Subscribe}, on 05-30-11, Doc. Film, 1:18:38 min :: BB Link/URL*^*<

>_^_ <>^<> BOOK REVIEW <>^<>
”The Shock Doctrine: the rise of disaster capitalism” (TSD)
~ Naomi Klein is an Oxford University Economist & Investigative Journalist; Knopf Publishing, Canada, 2007, {Subscribe},  :: Link/URL
< http://www.naomiklein.org/shock-doctrine

Subject Matter of this Investigative Non-Fiction Work (TSD) includes:
1.  Klein compares and analyzes the impact of Laissez-(un)faire Friedman Chicago School Economics in a number of countries where it was practiced.  Keynesian (F.D.R.), and Developmental Socialist Economics are also referenced. But TSD concentrates on the introduction and effects of Laissez-(un)faire Friedman Chicago School Economics Policies;
2.  TSD reveals the role of the U.S. Government and Friedman-Chicago-School trained Economists in the decimation of  Countries and the plundering of Natural Resources for the benefit of the World Banking Community and Multinational Corporations;
3.  Klein conducts investigations of the ways and means of Political Dominionism and Corporate takeover of Governments of any Political Ideology whatsoever.  Corruption and greed is a “Universal Plague” to all “stated” ideologies;
4.  There are comparisons of the effects and intent of “Physical Shock Therapy” treatments on individuals, and an extensive log of Laissez-(un)faire Friedman Chicago School “Economic Shock Treatments.” In most cases, leaders submitted their countries to the Austerity policies that were perpetrated to destabilize the country following some blind-belief blue print that touted projections of beneficial outcome.  Unstable governments became shakier after they submitted to economic shock treatments in order to do the bidding of Transnational Corporations Profit-Charter;
5.  TSD cites dozens of incidences of Political Coup, Assassination, Torture, Disappearance, and Outright Murder of Political Leaders, Opposition Leaders, Union Leaders, and Populist Media Figures;
6.  C.I.A., Military, and Corporate Involvement in the overthrow of stable governments is revealed by open records and on-the-ground investigation by Klein.  The reader is presented with an inside look into the decision making process of primarily corrupt government officials and agencies thrown into “Economic Shock” by intentional or natural disaster sudden change catalysts.  It will awaken some to the realities of Rule by International Trade Agreement, Treaties, and speculative International Banking …all completely co-opted by Corporate power and greed;
7. TSD sheds light on the culpability of the winner and looser choosing Banks and Orgs like The FED/Feudal Reverse Bank, the I.M.F. – International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the U.S. Treasury, the W.T.O. – World Trade Organization, Wall Street “Velociraptor” Hedge Funds, and “Vulture/Velociraptor” Trans-National and American Corp’s of the 1%;
8. And the financial and cultural devastation on a personal level, the human toll …murdered and disappeared citizens and opposition leaders, lost wages, lost unions, lost jobs, tripling unemployment, tripling the masses in desperate poverty, over doubled drug use, over doubled suicide rates, over doubling AIDS, doubling prostitution, & causing desperately poor people to sell their children into the international sex trade;
9. “The Shock Doctrine” exposes the Nuts-n-Bolts “Junk” of Stage 3 Colonial-Economic Cancer-Capitalism;
10. It’s not a “family values” investigative report. It’s a painful easy read for someone who has values. If you can read “The Shock Doctrine” and stay the same person you were before, then either you were already aware of the content, or there is a cold austere dominionist racist part of you …that you may have just become aware of. ::
>   ####(04-22-13)*CW*CBWS*WB*ZC(UE37)###*
#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB32EF, Stolen Election 2000, Stolen White House; Gov. Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris – Florida Secretary of State, Clayton Roberts, DBT Choice Point Corporation was paid $2.3 million to “Associate” Names of Florida Voters with National Felons, (57,700 Names – 90.2% Wrong) but Not-Paid-To-Verify Any Names/DBT Warns of Miss-association and it does not matter! ::
ILLEGAL VOTE PURGE, Florida 2000 :: Black Americans 1000 TIMES More Likely To Have Vote Thrown Out
“Theft of the Presidency”
~ Greg Palast – Investigative Journalist, Author (Vultures Picnic), via theateroforcruelty, {Subscribe}, 09-12-06, YouTube, 09:52 min :: Link/URL
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76-zYfO5gBo&feature=relmfu
>   ####(04-24-12)*WB(EF)(*OH)(UE43)(UJSC)###*
#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO06A, Obama Administration Politics ::
President Obama “…what used to be called a Moderate Republican” :: “Noam Chomsky is Professor Emeritus at MIT, and one of the nation’s leading intellectual critics of the US political, corporate and national security apparatus. In this long interview, Cenk Uygur of TYT and Professor Chomsky discuss President Obama, the rightward shift of US politics over the past few decades, drone strikes, the labor movement, Aaron Swartz, the role of the media and what hope we have for the future.”
“Noam Chomsky – Rightward Shift of U S Politics”
~ N.C. with Cenk “Jenk” Uygur -TYT, {Podcast Subscriber Supported}, via TYTInterviews, on 01-30-13, YouTube, 42:03 min :: Link/URL*^*<
>###(09-16-13)*CW*WB##*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO08, U.S. Atty General Eric “Big-Bank Hand” HOLDER & Lanny Breuer – Head of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division Too Big To Fail or Prosecute Banks; Why? ::
{Both Brewer & Attorney General Eric Holder “Defended Banks” for Law Firm Covington & Burling” (a Big-Bank Defense Law Firm)} ::
4 Years After Crashing the Economy …No Criminal Prosecutions of Bangkters :: Inside Jobs Protected by Presidential Administrations ::
{“The Best Way To Rob A Bank Is Own One”} ::
“If they can fog a mirror, give’em a loan.” Countrywide :: Shoddy loan underwriting was acceptable to Wall Street ::
“Greed is not necessarily criminal” ::
“Frontline investigates why Wall Street’s leaders have escaped prosecution for any fraud related to the sale of bad mortgages”
“The Untouchables”
~ PBS – Frontline, {Subscribe}, 01-22-13, Video, 53:36 min :: Link/URL
< http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/pages/frontline/untouchables/

>_^_ Big Banks Too Big To Prosecute ~
Attorney General Eric “Big-Bank Hand” Holder and Deputy Secretary Brewer statement, (before Jan 29) Too Big To Jail Terrorist Finances & Money Laundering ::
“I am concerned that the size of some to the institutions becomes so large that it does become difficult for us to prosecute them when we are hit with indications that …if you do prosecute, if you bring a criminal charge …it will have a negative impact on the national economy, perhaps even the world economy.” ~ Eric “Big-Bank Hand” Holder – Attorney General
“Eric Holder – Some Banks Too BIG To Prosecute/Jail”
~ via Les Grossman, {Subscribe}, 03-07-13, YT/02:42 min :: Link/URL*^*<

>_^_ “Breuer will join Covington & Burling” a Big Bank Defense Law Firm,
After a Career of Not Prosecuting Banks as a D.O.J. Criminal Division Chief – U.S. Attorney General’s Office ::
“{In January, Democratic activist Mike Lux predicted that Breuer would soon find lucrative employment with a law firm, a coming move that explained his kid-glove treatment of Wall Street. “Lanny wanted to go back to a law firm that represented banks after he was done,” said Lux in January. “He didn’t want to prosecute the banks.”}” ::
“Breuer will join Covington & Burling as vice chairman and is slated to rake in around $4 million his first year back at the firm, according to the New York Times.”
“Lanny Breuer, Former DOJ Criminal Division Chief, To Rejoin Big Bank Law Firm”
~ Will Wrigley – The Huffington Post,{Subscriber}, 03-29-13,Video::Link/URL
< http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/28/lanny-breuer-joins-law-firm_n_2974058.html

>_^_ “U.S. Attorney General Eric “Big-Bank Hand” Holder and Lanny Breuer, head of the Justice Department’s criminal division, were partners for years at a Washington law firm that represented a Who’s Who of big banks & other companies at the center of alleged foreclosure fraud, a Reuters inquiry shows.”
“Insight: Top Justice officials connected to mortgage banks”
~ Scot J. Paltrow – Reuters, {Subscriber Supported} , via 4closureFraud, on 01-20-12 :: Link/URL
< http://4closurefraud.org/2012/01/20/reuters-insight-top-justice-officials-eric-holder-and-lanny-breuer-connected-to-banks-freddie-fannie-and-mers/

>_^_ “He was admonished for his role in the agency’s botched attempt to
infiltrate weapons-smuggling rings in the operation dubbed “Fast and Furious.” And he has been accused of being soft on Wall Street for failing to throw senior bank executives behind bars for their role in the financial crisis.”
“Lanny Breuer, Justice Department Criminal Division Chief, is Stepping Down After ‘FRONTLINE’ Untouchables Report”
~ 4closureFraud, {Subscriber Supported}, 01-24-13 :: Link/URL
< http://4closurefraud.org/2013/01/24/lanny-breuer-justice-department-criminal-division-chief-is-stepping-down-after-frontline-untouchables-report/

>_^_ “We are frequently on the receiving end of presentations from
defense counsel, CEOs, and economists who argue that the collateral consequences of an indictment would be devastating for their client.”
~ Lanny Breuer – Justice Department Criminal Division Chief ::
“And, over the last decade, DPAs have become a mainstay of white collar criminal law enforcement.”
“DOJ – Lanny Breuer Admits That Economists Have Convinced Him Not to Indict Corporations”
~ 4closureFraud, {Subscriber Supported}, 09-15-12 :: Link/URL
< http://4closurefraud.org/2012/09/15/doj-lanny-breuer-admits-that-economists-have-convinced-him-not-to-indict-corporations/

>_^_ “Milbank Tweed Forum: Crooks on the Loose? Did Felons Get a Free
Pass in the Financial Crisis?”
~ via nyuschooloflaw, {Subscribe}, 02-09-13, YT/1 hr 18 min::Link/URL*^*<
#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO15A, POTUS 43 Bush, Ed “From Russia w/Love ❤ ” SNOWDEN, Prosecution & Life-in-Prison Pending Capture & U.s Just’-ice; Professor LESSIG ::
/\/Click_ Blue_ Links < ↓ /\/see Intro_ Quotes_ Credits/\/
Ed – a Former N.S.A./C.I.A. Contractor, System Administrator – Booz Allen Hamilton Exposed Domestic Spying by National Security Agency ::
Re-Exposed/”Named” N.S.A. “Prism Program” ::
Re-Exposed Secret F.I.S.A. Spy Court, F.I.S.A. Court – Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, National Security Agency – NSA Spying Approval Court [Chief Just-ice “CorpCitizensUnited Against U.s” John Roberts handpicked members of the F.I.S.A. “Spy” COURT] ::
U.S. National Security Agency collecting all computer & phone records; F.Y.I.: F.I.S.A. was modified into/by “The U.S. Patriot Act” (passed in response to 09-11-01 New York Twin Towers, Washington D.C. Pentagon, and Pennsylvania field terminated airliner attacks) ::
See Moyers & Company Video, a discussion between Bill Moyers & Dr. Lawrence Lessig – Harvard Law Professor – Author, Book, “Code & Other Laws of Cyber Space” {22:40 min}
“The greatest fear that I have regarding the outcome of America of these disclosures is that nothing will change.  People will see, in the media, all of these disclosures.  They’ll know the lengths that the government is going to grant themselves powers, unilaterally, to create greater control over American Society and Global Society, but they won’t be willing to take the risks necessary to stand up and fight to change things …to force their representatives to actually take a stand in their interests.” ~ Ed Snowden ::
“I understand that I will be punished for my action.  I will be satisfied if the federation of secret law, unequal pardon and irresistible executive powers that rule the world that I love are revealed even for an instant.”
~ Ed Snowden
“Edward Snowden’s concerns about popular apathy regarding his revelations of government data gathering are well-founded.” ::
“We have responded to this increasing invasion as the Soviets responded to theirs” Lessig testified. ::
Professor Lawrence “Lessig — whose former student, Reddit co-founder Aaron Swartz, committed suicide on January 12, 2013, in the wake of being hounded by a lawsuit by the Justice Department — struck a similarly ominous tone while testifying before the House Judiciary Committee in 1998.”
“Bovine, we have accepted the reduction in private space. Passive, we have adjusted our life to these new intrusions. Accepting, we have been told that this is the way we have to live in this newly digitized age.”
“Harvard professor tells Moyers: Snowden’s fear nothing will change ‘is the most likely outcome’”
~ Arturo Garcia – The Raw Story, {Subscriber Supported}, 06-14-13, Moyers & Company Video, 56:46 min :: Link/URL
< http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/06/14/harvard-professor-tells-moyers-snowdens-fear-nothing-will-change-is-the-most-likely-outcome/

>_^_ Edward Snowden Bio:  System Administrator – Booz Allen Hamilton (Owned by the Carlyle Group, the Bin Laden & Papa C.I.A. Bush families were both connected to the Group) – Private National Security Agency NSA/CIA Contractor ::
“Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) employee who worked for Booz Allen Hamilton …disclosure of (secret) PRISM (surveillance program) and (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978) FISA orders related to NSA data capture efforts was an effort …to expose what he believes is excessive government surveillance of the American people”
“Ed Snowden”
~ Wikipedia, free Encyclopedia, {Subscriber Supported} :: Link/URL
< http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Edward_Snowden

>_^_ “ Patriot Act” (of 10-26-01) ::
“expanded the definition of terrorism to include domestic terrorism, thus enlarging the number of activities to which …law enforcement powers can be applied.” ::
“Opponents ..criticized its authorization of indefinite detentions …permission given law enforcement officers to search a home or business without the owner’s or the occupant’s consent …expanded use of National Security Letters, which allows …search telephone, e-mail, and financial records without a court order…” ::
Patriot Act 1st Extension of 03-02-06 ::
Patriot Act 2nd Extension of 05-26-11 ::
” President Barack Obama signed the PATRIOT Sunsets Extension Act of 2011, a four-year extension of three key provisions …roving wiretaps, searches of business records …conducting surveillance of ‘lone wolves’ …related activities not linked to terrorist groups.” (and vague “dragnet” language)
~ Wikipedia, free Encyclopedia, {Subscriber Supported} :: Link/URL
< http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/USA_PATRIOT_Act
>   ####(06-14-13)*WB### *Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO15C, POTUS 43 Bush, Ed “From Russia w/Love ❤ ” SNOWDEN, Prosecution & Life-in-Prison Pending Capture & U.s Just’-ice; Professor LESSIG ::
“Edward Snowden’s decision to leak a trove of secret documents outlining the NSA’s surveillance program has elicited a range of reactions….a debate w/2 guests: Chris Hedges, a senior fellow at the Nation Inst. and former Pulitzer Prize-winning foreign correspondent for the N. Y. Times; & Geoffrey Stone, a professor at the U. of Chicago Law Sch. Stone served as an informal advisor to President Obama in 2008, years after hiring him to teach constitutional law.” ~ democracynow
“Is Edward Snowden a Hero? A Debate With Journalist Chris Hedges & Law Scholar Geoffrey Stone”
~ via democracynow, {Subscribe}, 06-12-13, YouTube, 27:58 min :: Link/URL
< https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKmkxptPLSw

>_^_ “Why are so many progressives okay with spying under Obama when they weren’t under Bush?”
“Liberal Hypocrisy: The Left-Wing and Edward Snowden”
~ Julian Drury – Quiet Mike, {Subscribe}, 06-25-13 :: Link/URL
< http://quietmike.org/2013/06/25/liberal-hypocrisy-the-left-wing-and-edward-snowden/#comment-3440
>   ####(04-05-14)*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO16A, POTUS 43 Bush, Mark KLEIN – ATT Technician, Exposed U.S. Domestic Spying on Citizens w/o Warrant DECEMBER 2005 ::
/\/ Click_ Blue_ Links < ↓ /\/see Intro_ Quotes_ Credits/\/
U.S. War Dept. C.I.A./N.S.A. Illegal Wiretapping & Internet Surveillance
ATT Technician Mark Klein installed an ATT “splitter” that copied all communications of ATT “Data Stream” to a “secret room,” including both Domestic & International Traffic, in DECEMBER 2005;
Room 641A at AT&T Folsom Street San Francisco, CA vacuumed all U.S. Foreign and Domestic Communications for the U.S. Government under POTUS George W. Bush; Email, Browser, Entire Internet, and Phone
without a warrant;
U.S. Senate giving ATT complete immunity after the fact to cover N.S.A.
[answers the question… why Keith Olbermann is unemployed in media]
“Mark Klein – AT&T Whistleblower”
~ Keith Olbermann – MSNBC with Mark Klein – Retired AT&T Technician, AT&T and Government Spying, Whistleblower, via LastPatriotStanding, {Subscribe}, on 03-23-08, YouTube, 05:38 min :: Link/URL
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U_qYGbieoMM
>   ####(06-06-13)*PJ*WB(UE43)###*
#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO16B, POTUS 43 Bush, Russell TICE, NSA Employee Attempted To Report Illegal Eves Dropping Through Tried Proper Channels – Congress, Courts, Inspector General’s Office in 2005;  MIN 6
NSA scooping up all the electronic data flowing through the U.S. both the meta data and the content, and spying on Government Officials
“Sibel Edmonds Blows the Whistle on Government Blackmailing”
~ via corbettreport, {Subscribe}, Sibel Edmonds – Boiling Frogs Blog,  06-25-13, YT/1:02:53 min :: Link/URL
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pc3esnkqM7E
>   ####(02-08-14)*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO16C, POTUS 43 Bush, Joseph NACCHIO, NSA Data Collection 2001 :: Quest Telecom CEO – Nacchio was the only Telecom C.E.O. who “refused” to Collect Data for CIA-NSA; Bypassing F.I.S.A., NSA claimed that F.I.S.A. Court might not go along with Surveillance on Americans; NSA went directly to Telecoms; Nacchio Prosecuted by Federal Gov’t, for selling stock when Feds withdrew business from other contracts as retaliation for non-cooperation in illegal data collection request. ::
Later on, Congress passed a bill exonerating all Telecoms Corp’s for past illegal data sharing with CIA-NSA for which they were well paid.
“Only One Big Telecom CEO Refused To Cave To The NSA … And He’s Been In Jail For 4 Years”
~ Michael Kelley – Business Insider-L&O, {Subscribe}, 06-12-13 :: Link/URL
< http://www.businessinsider.com/the-story-of-joseph-nacchio-and-the-nsa-2013-6

>_^_ “Nacchio was alone among all of the major telco execs to tell the NSA to get lost …demanding the ability to basically tap Qwest’s entire network. … insisted that the entire lawsuit against him was retaliation for his refusal.”
“The One Telco Exec Who Resisted The NSA Has Been Released From 4+ Years In Jail”
~ Mike Masnick – Tech Dirt, {Subscriber Supported}, 09-27-13 :: Link/URL
< http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20130927/14413024680/one-telco-exec-who-resisted-nsa-has-been-released-4-years-jail.shtml
>   ####(02-06-14)*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO17A, POTUS 43 Bush, Ed “From Russia w/Love ❤ ” SNOWDEN,
Prosecution & Life-in-Prison Pending Capture & U.s Just’-ice, Lawrence O’DONNELL “defines” TREASON ::
The Constitution is specific about Treason ::
“Treason is a very (very) difficult crime to commit.” ::
Snowden was a “Civilian Employee” who likely did not take an oath ::
Requirements for Treason include:
Confess in open court of Treason ..is required to confirm an Act of Treason; A “State of Declared War” is another requirement;
The Espionage Act is the basis of 2 charges; Like other Congressmen, Rep. Aaron Schock (R-*IL) accuses Snowden of Treason based on “Feelings” ::
“Congressmen are required to take an Oath to uphold the Constitution” …but “not to read it.”
“O’Donnell: Congressmen are wrong about treason”
~ Lawrence O’Donnell – MSNBC, {Subscriber Supported}, 06-25-13, Video, 07:24 min :: Link/URL
< http://www.nbcnews.com/id/45755883/ns/msnbc-the_last_word/vp/52313756#52313756
>   ####(06-25-13)*WB### *Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS44-BHO17B, POTUS 43 Bush, Ed “From Russia w/Love ❤ ” SNOWDEN,
Prosecution & Life-in-Prison Pending Capture & U.s Just’-ice ::
F.I.S.A. COURT – FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE ACT of 1978 COURT, National Security Agency – NSA Spying Approval Court [Chief Just-ice “CorpCitizensUnited Against U.s” John Roberts handpicked members of the F.I.S.A. “Spy” COURT] ::
“The FISA Amendments Act generally requires the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court, The FISA Amendments Act generally requires the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act Court, to rubber-stamp terror-related electronic surveillance requests.” ::
“brief history of the FISA Amendments Act:… National Security Agency, under the Bush administration, had been secretly and illegally wiretapping domestic phone conversations and monitoring other forms of electronic communications for years with no oversight, Congress responded by passing a law retroactively making basically everything the NSA (National Security Agency) was doing legal. The bill passed in so beautifully bipartisan… Essentially, the NSA no longer needs a warrant to carry out domestic spying:…” ::
“to preserve the government’s right to constantly spy on everyone without telling anyone about it.” :: “Congress shows that they can still band together and vote for horrible things”
“Senate FISA vote inspiring display of bipartisan commitment to ignoring Fourth Amendment”
~ Alex Pareene – Salon, {Subscribe}, 12-28-12 :: BB Link/URL*^*<

>_^_ See “Democracy Now”
~ DemocracyNow – Amy Goodman & Juan González, 06-07-13 & 06-06-13 Free Podcast News Hr, {Subscriber Supported} :: BB Link/URL
< http://www.democracynow.org/
>   ####(06-08-13)*WB### *Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


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FROM: Mark Jansen – greenEnvSciThr
Contacting greenEnvSciThr blog & Communication Conventions
1. If your message contains the “name of this blog,” your “name or user handle” and/or some “specific citation” referencing the material presented, it will be considered legitimate and not spam. Any “vague message” that “a product” may leave is assumed to be to an “unknown generic enigma” headed everywhere …a distracting commercial shot in the dark. Thank You for understanding “direct communication nuances and conventions.” I dump spam often. So if you identify yourself as “A Product or Service” and not a recognizable name or user name, it’s spam.
2. The content of the blog is for education purposes. The articles, quotes, and video clips are considered “Trans-formative In Nature.” In the U.S., such “referenced content” is as sharable as a “noted, cited, and quoted” term paper. The voluntary “Fair Use” of the contend does not (nor was ever intended to) compete with the original media formats and copyright protected commercial publishing products introduced herein. (There is an extended disclaimer note in: “001 ♠♣♠ U.S. Political Investigative Journalism To Copy/Paste/Share: From The Creative Commons, A Referenced Educational Link-Series”)
3. Many of the notes ask for Advice
…become a peaceful activist who informs others in a ways of your choosing, and join a moderate political party and change it for the better;
…become politically active by talking to people who have not been exposed to much political truth. Only about 5% of U.S. citizens “get it” now, but when 15 – 20% “catch on” to Government by Corporations and Forbes 400 Kings, there will be rapid change;
…join an activist group like MoveToAmend.org (the constitution for the 5 Dolts on the Supreme Court) and solicit signatures or sign the petition (to get Big Money out of politics);
…or go to a local street corner with a well crafted sign, and some friends in a “Mini-Protest” and wake up blind-believing “boiling frog citizens” of America;
…turn the tube off, abandon bouncie ball, shun the fake TV lives you don’t live, stop visiting the “shiny watch” and circuses designed to keep people ignorant, avoid extended thread leapfrog in “Chuck E. Cheese Ball Crawl Rooms” on Facebook;
…abandon complacency (non-voting), and wrong-headed or mad looking for a war venues of some kind or other;
…About Blogging: I don’t have any advise, I do what I do
…gleaning “Friends Article Recommendations,” etc off of Progressive and Government Watchdog Facebook Groups while…
…listening to WCPT 820 Chicago Streaming 24/7 most of the time
(faithfully tuning in Thom Hartman & Norman Goldman M-F);
…Ring of Fire (Stream and Podcast) Radio or TV on S & Su; and
…Democracy Now (Stream and Podcast) Daily News
…Hal Sparks on Saturday
…and following up “their ↑ leads” with eclectic web searches.
4. I’d possibly “like” to “Trackback,” but I’m occupied here 80 hours a week right now (focused on providing the information needs of people who are too busy working to research and glean the web for a practical political education …just like I was for scores of years).
Again… I don’t respond to commercial product names. Real names and usernames are fine.
<> 3,316 ac


About greenenvscithr

This American, a socially concerned blogger, is a conservationist and an anti-desertification advocate. Cultures with paralyzed memories expand deserts. These cause and effect traits define human impact in the geologic warming period that is marked by population explosion, technological advancement and desertification of vast tracts of arable land. As a tree-hugger, it’s easy to look around the world at deforestation which dries climates, decreases surface water, but increases soil erosion and global warming …evaluating them as slow motion end-times behaviors. It should also be noted that progressive behavioral change holds the potential to stride toward sustainability, and coexistence on a blue-green planet …with others who look, think, talk, or act differently. (Tribalism + Nationalism + Profit-Charter = Corp’s War + Human Carnage + Environmental Disaster) If regard for a living environment reached a status equal to that fomented by deities, a bond uniting humanity across cultural and national borders could really exist. The human behavior instruction manual might offer a harmonic concrete experience instead of the confusion in an 1,189 chapter tyrant's windsock that requires interpreters with different intentions to construct misunderstandings about both physical and virtual worlds. Any deity that demands intellectual hypocrisy to absorb what is abstract, and funnels prey to the misguidance that mandates blind-belief, silence and complicity (while spreading clinical paranoid schizophrenia) will just lead people where psychopaths designate. Most religions are better described as "Maleligions" …as their traditions and laws are male contrived and dominated hierarchies. They generally concentrate on controlling women for the convenience of men, and programming both for the advantage of tyrants. A dictator wants blind-believers with a testosterone disadvantage and compliant cracker ovens to repopulate followers, thus erasing fatal mistakes in his tyrannical judgment. Creating “emotional deserts” raft with mental vortexes, (in which to become psychologically lost), leads stealthily to the cultural dissonance and distraction that produces the real ones, “rock paved deserts.” The human race is minimally a gaggle of tribes of desert-makers, except for a few that live sustainably. Freed from the bondage of a hereafter (that promises a reunion with familiar like minded people and an aura of mystery), progress and sustainability (unencumbered by cultural apathy and a parched pre-destiny) could exist. But religions general heading is in the opposite direction… suppressing women, sporting flat earth firewalls and celebrating dark-age “dolthood” as it spills human brain power into an everlasting insurance policy. Generally speaking, mysterious religions provide segues between human ignorance and corrupt psychopaths in an overall unconscious effort to leave no planet worth inhabiting. 3,018 ac edited 09-27-14
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