037 ♠♣♠ POTUS 43 War Criminal George W. Bush: The Supreme Court and Jeb Bush Stolen Election

POTUS 43 BUSH CHENEY Reign of Terror

POTUS 43 BUSH Liberty Vampire

POTUS 43 BUSH Reading 'My Pet Goat' to Kindergardener for 7 minutes after being notified of first 911 airliner hitting a NY Twin Tower

♠♣♠POTUS 43 War Criminal George W. Bush: The Supreme Court and Jeb Bush Stolen Election

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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB01, War Criminal George W. BUSH-II, U.S. War Dept. C.I.A., Iraq, 9/11, Talked About Attacking Iraq 2 Years Before 9/11; Bush-Cheney-Rice-Rummy Corp Oil War


“Two Years Before 9/11, Candidate Bush was Already Talking Privately About Attacking Iraq, According to His Former Ghost Writer”
~ Russ Baker – Common Dreams, {Subscribe}, 10-28-04 :: BB Link/URL

< http://www.commondreams.org/headlines04/1028-01.htm

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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB02, War Criminal George W. Bush-II, V.P. Dick Cheney, Defense (War) Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and Deputy Secretary of Defense (War) Paul Wolfowitz to the Hague!!! ::
“This is a memo that describes how we’re going to take out 7 Countries in 5 years …starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and finish it off with Iran.” ::
“General Clark was the Supreme Allied Commander (SACEUR) of NATO during the intervention in Kosovo, and is known to be a “straight-talking” personality. …’can’t fight terrorism, but we have a good army, so we can take down governments.'”
“General Wesley Clark: Wars were planned – 7 Countries In 5 Years”
~ via MiddleEastMonitor, {Subscribe}, Democracy Now with U.S. Army retired Gen. Wesley Clark, {Podcast Subscriber Supported}, on 09-05-13, YouTube, 02:13 min :: Link/URL
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tL7lHkqVek

>_^_ (Min 07:40) “This Country was taken over by a group of people with a policy Coup.  Wolfowitz and Cheney and Rumsfeld and you could name a half a dozen others on the project for New American Century.  They wanted us to destabilize the Middle East.  Turn it upside down. Make it under our control”
“General W. Clark tells truth about Middle East ‘Uprising'”
~ 1outoflove, {Subscribe}, FORA.tv, {Podcast Subscriber Supported}, U.S. Army retired Gen. Wesley Clark, on 01-21-13, YouTube, 26:27 min :: Link/URL
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKrkokQIx9g

>_^_ Key Notes & Quote Stream from Wikipedia, “Paul Wolfowitz” (Deputy Sec. of Defense Paul Wolfowitz & Defense Sec. Donald Rumsfeld)::
“according to Kampfner, ‘Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz believed (CIA & DIA)too bureaucratic… set up …cabal …a cell of eight or nine analysts in a new Office of Special Plans (OSP) …was created in order to find evidence of what Wolfowitz and his boss, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, believed to be true—that Saddam Hussein had close ties to Al Qaeda… Iraq …arsenal of chemical, biological, and possibly even nuclear weapons” ::
“OSP rivaled …CIA and the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency’ …Ahmad Chalabi.  According to Kampfner, the CIA had ended its funding of the I.N.C. …doubts were cast about Chalabi’s reliability. …administration geared up for conflict with Saddam, …Chalabi was welcomed in the inner sanctum of the Pentagon under the auspices of the OSP, and Wolfowitz did not see fit to challenge any of Chalabi’s information. …fixing intelligence to support policy …with the aim of influencing Congress in its use of the War Powers Act.” ::
Paul Wolfowitz” former President of the World Bank, United States Ambassador to Indonesia… did graduate work at the University of Chicago in political science…”
“Paul Wolfowitz”
~ Wikipedia, free encyclopedia, {Subscriber Supported} :: Link/URL
< http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Wolfowitz
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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB02, War Criminal George W. Bush-II, U.S. War Dept. C.I.A., Afghanistan, C.I.A. Documents, GOP Pres. George “W.” Bush II, Ignored 7 Warnings Of Multiple Attacks ::

Open Records revealing truth about Bush laxity or complicity ::

{His Biographer said he talked of pursuing War with Iran before he became a Presidential Candidate}


“New CIA Docs Show Bush Ignored Seven Different Warnings About Imminent Attacks”

~ Susie Madrak – CrooksAndLiars, {Subscribe}, 06-20-12 :: Link/URL

< http://crooksandliars.com/susie-madrak/new-cia-docs-show-bush-ignored-seven-#comments

>##(01-08-13)*WB*(UE43)#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB03, 911 Warning MEMO delivered to POTUS George W. Bush-II of the 911 Attack ::

The “MEMO” For the President Only 6 August 2001” that Condoleezza Rice of N.S.A. [National Security Agency] couldn’t remember immediately when asked in a Congressional Hearing if the George W. Bush administration was ever “WARNED” of an attack by al-Qaeda ::

The Bottom of the 08-06-01 FBI MEMO ~ “…FBI information since that time indicates patters of suspicious activity in this consistent with preparations for hijackings or other types of attacks, including recent surveillance of federal buildings in New York.

The FBI is conducting approximately 70 full field investigations throughout the US that it considers Bin Lain-related. CIA and the FBI are investigating a call to our Embassy in the UAE in May Saying that a group of Bin Ladin Supporters was in the US planning attacks with explosives.”


“Bin Ladin Determined To Strike in US”

~ Declassified and Approved for Release, 10, April 2004 :: Link/URL

< http://www.cnn.com/2004/images/04/10/whitehouse.pdf

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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB04, War Criminal George W. BUSH-II; Afghanistan, Osama Bin Laden U.S. War Dept. & C.I.A.; Country :: “New offer on Bin Laden”
“Minister makes secret trip to offer trial in third country”
~ Rory McCarthy in Islamabad – The Guardian, {Subscriber Supported},
10-16-01 :: Link/URL*^*<


>##(01-08-13)*WB(UE43)#* Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB04, War Criminal Pres. George “W.” BUSH-II, (Republican – 2001-2008), 911

“Evidence that George W. Bush had advanced knowledge of 9-11”
~ babylonsfalling, {Subscribe}, 07-12-07, YouTube, 03:42 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlWSv0NZBRw&feature=related

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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB05, George Bush-II, Lying About Iraq, Proof of Deception :: “One of the hardest parts of my job is connecting Iraq to the War on Terror”

“Good Intelligence Bush and 911”

~ dghowery, {Subscribe}, on 06-23-07, YouTube, 01:53 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKQfZ06htjw

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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB05, War Criminal George W. BUSH II ::

10-07-02 Speech In Cincinnati …Bush reported that Saddam Hussein was an “Imminent Threat” to this country ::

On 10-01-02, six days “earlier” a “Consensus Opinion” of 16 U.S. Intelligence Agencies told George Bush on page 8/91 of the Security Document …it clearly says Hussein was “Not A Threat” to this Country and that he would “only” be a threat if he feared a U.S. attack” ::


Bush was telling America the “Exact Opposite” of what the C.I.A. was telling him; “He took this nation to War on a lie and got over 4,000 American Service Men and Women Killed” ::

On 10-01-02, three days after the “Classified Report” a Smaller “Unclassified Report” intended for distribution to Congress and the American Public, called the “White Paper,” “Deleted Any Reference” to the non-threatening perception of Saddam Hussein ::


DOWNING STREET MEMO mentioned in passing;

On 01-31-03 Bush and Britain’s Prime Minister Tony Blair met in the oval office with 6 of their top aides.  Present were Sec. of State Condie Rice and Blair’s Foreign Policy advisor David Manning.  Manning prepared a 5 page memo that summarizes what was said at the meeting.  Manning wrote that both Bush and Blair expressed doubt that any “Weapons of Mass Destruction” would ever be found in Iraq, but two months later they went to war ::


In the meeting Bush discussed 3 ways to provoke a confrontation with Saddam Hussein. Behind closed doors he was talking about “How to Provoke Saddam Into War… Bush had no answer for The Manning Memo… George W. Bush took this Country to war based on a LIE, and according to the laws of this country, He is Guilty of Murder.” ::

Innuendo and Implication, 911 and Iraq

“The Prosecution of George W. Bush for Murder (Pt. 1 + 2)”
~ Vincent Bugliosi – Lawyer, Author of “Prosecution of George W. Bush For Murder,” Amy Goodman – DemocracyNow, {Subscriber Supported}; via gfde08, 06-16-08, YouTube, 10:31 min ::  Link/URL*^*<

>_^_ via gfde08, {Subscribe}, 06-16-08, YT/10:47 min :: Link/URL*^*<


>##(12-16-13)#*WB(UE43)*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB06-DC, Resigned, CIA Agent, Valerie PLAME, U.S. War Dept. C.I.A. Iraq ::

C.I.A. Whistleblower Valerie Plame; Uncovering the false “YELLOW CAKE” Enhanced Nuclear Material transfer story embarrassing Bush-Cheney-Rice-Rummy used to start the Iraq War ::

CorpRatCon-Job Infantry of Aristocrats, GOP V. P. Dick CHENEY, Outing C.I.A. Undercover Ops Agent Valerie Plame ::

“An undercover CIA operative specializing in weapons of mass destruction” ::

“grand jury… investigation into whether White House officials illegally leaked the identity of Valerie Plame… in retaliation for public criticisms made by her husband, Joseph Wilson IV, about the Bush administration’s case for invading Iraq.” ::

“Plame sued Cheney, Rove and Libby, accusing them and other White House officials of conspiring to destroy her career.”


“Key Players in the CIA Leak Investigation”

~ Compiled by washingtonpost.com, {Subscriber Supported}, updated 07-03-07 :: Link/URL

< http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/politics/special/plame/Plame_KeyPlayers.html
>_^_ Key Notes & Quote Stream from Wikipedia, “Valerie Plame”
(Plamegate/Wilson v. Cheney) ::

“Joseph and Valerie Wilson filed a civil lawsuit against ROVE, LIBBY, Vice President Dick CHENEY… for their alleged role in the public disclosure of Valerie Wilson’s classified CIA status” ::

“My name and identity were carelessly and recklessly abused by senior government officials in the White House and state department” :: this abuse occurred for “purely political reasons.” ~ V.P. ::

“Libby’s lawyers planned to call Karl Rove to the stand.

According to Rove’s lawyer, Fitzgerald has decided against pressing charges against Rove.” ::

“Libby was convicted of obstruction of justice, making false statements, and two counts of perjury …not charged for revealing Plame’s CIA status. His sentence included… 30 months in prison…

On July 2, 2007, President George W. Bush commuted Libby’s sentence, removing the jail term” ::

“Agreeing with the Bush administration, the Obama Justice Department argues the Wilsons have no legitimate grounds to sue.” ::

“On June 21, 2009, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the appeal.” :: Movie, “Fair Game” 2010
“Valerie Plame”

~ Wikipedia, free Encyclopedia, {Subscriber Supported} :: Link/URL
< http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Valerie_Plame

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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB07, War Criminal George W. BUSH-II; U.S. War Dept. C.I.A., Afghanistan; Presidents Clinton-Bush-Obama, Osama Bin Laden :: Bush response to national security operative who hand delivered the now famous 08-06-01 memo titled “Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.” was “All right. You’ve covered your ass, now” ::

Bush was “not that concerned” according to the agent.


“Obama Succeeded Where Bush Failed: Osama Bin Laden Rhetoric And Reality”
~ Dan Foomkin, Huff Post Politics, {Subscribe}, 05-02-11 :: BB Link/URL

< http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/05/02/obama-bush-bin-laden-dead_n_856428.html

>##(08-16-13)*PMF*WB##*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB08, War Criminal George W. BUSH-II, War On Terror, Presidents Clinton-Bush Administration, Bin Laden offered to Clinton at end of his term ::

Gingrich criticized Clinton’s attempt to take Bin Laden; Mullah Omar offered to turn Bin Laden over to neutral Arab Country for prosecution :: Taliban Foreign Minister Mutah Waa-Keal’/(sounding) offered Bin Laden to Bush the 2nd time; Bin Laden offered to Bush twice ::

“Bush Said No Thanks…Won’t Negotiate With Terrorists!,” (Conclusion) Military wants War & a permanent strategic base in Afghanistan


“Thom Hartmann: Did the Taliban offer to turn Bin Laden in?”

~ Thom Hartmann – Historian, Author & Radio Talk Host Streaming Live (M-F) 2-5pm C.T. & 2-5am, Gareth Porter – Investigative (Middle East) Journalist, {Podcasts-Subscribe}, 05-04-11, Video, 07:33 min :: BB Link/URL

< http://www.thomhartmann.com/bigpicture/thom-hartmann-did-taliban-offer-turn-bin-laden
>_^_ TheBigPictureRT, {Subscribe}, 05-04-11, YT/07:34min :: Link*^*<


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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB09, War Criminal Pres. George “W.” BUSH-II, (Republican – 2001-2008), 911 Real-Time Split-Screen Video Featuring George W. Bush In A Florida Classroom (Left) & People On The Streets Of NY Outside World Trade Centers, War On Terror


“Seven Minutes – The Bush 9/11 Split Screen Video”
~ via BI30, {Subscribe}, on 06-27-07, YouTube, 07:26 min :: Link/URL

< https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ro3o-ld0CWw
>_^_ “So many 9/11 witnesses or people who would seem to have knowledge of the cover up have been mysteriously dying.”


“Mysterious Deaths of 9/11 Witnesses (MUST SEE)”
~ via kevin604bc, {Subscribe}, 02-14-10, YouTube, 9:36 min :: Link/URL

< https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bvay28lZiHU

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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB10, War Criminal Pres. George “W.” BUSH-II, POTUS 41 George H.W. BUSH I, Pentagon Budget, Carlyle Group Hires Politicians & Presidents ::

Former Pres. George H.W. (Papa) Bush worked for Carlyle to harvest Saudi Investments ::

Saudi Sheik [Dictator] and  2nd biggest FOX News Entertainment “Investor” Al-Waleed Bin Talal was also invested in “War” through the Carlyle Group represented by “family friend” POTUS 41 George H.W. “Papa C.I.A.” Bush, on 09-11-01/911 ::

[Remember how Saudi National and deposed citizen, Osama Bin Laden, was credited for the attack on NY Twin Towers, the Pentagon, and an airliner plunged into a field in Pennsylvania on 09-11-01, just 8 months after POTUS 43 George “W” Bush was sworn in?] ::

George W. Bush prosecuted “The War On Terror” and spent hundreds of billions w/Carlyle Group Corp’s whose stock multiplied in value during the POTUS 43 tenure.

“The Iron Triangle – The Carlyle Group”

~ via noitv, {Subscribe}, on 11-26-09, YouTube, 46:43 min :: BB Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x3Sb6rvVRJo

>   ####(04-26-13)*CBWS*ECPB*2WB(UE41)(UE43)###*
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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB12, Flynt LEVERETT – C.I.A. Agent, Exposing Bush War Crimes :: Iraq, a Bush/Cheney oil war; Free, War Criminal POTUS 43 ::

C.I.A. Agent “drops the dime” on Corp war whores Bush/ Cheney/ Rove/ Rice/ Rummy; Century Foundation paper; Bush Administration fraud; Bush Whitehouse intervened in C.I.A. publication clearance/review process ::


After 911 the U.S. had a dialogue with Afghanistan that was extensively talked about In the Public Domain, but C.I.A. blocked Leverett’s account & its publication, noting those same events ::


Spring Of 2003, Iranians offered to negotiate a Peace Agreement; Bush Whitehouse wanted to sell another war to the American People – Iraq Invasion, Occupation, & Privatization/Profitization (to divide oil resources up between Multinational Oil Corp’s …a long standing Cheney plan, & Bush talked about invading Iraq 2 years before 911… before he was a Candidate for President) ::

Book “Dealing With Tehran”
“C.I.A. Official Exposes Bush Administration Fraud”

~ Flynt Leverett, Former C.I.A. Director of for Middle East Affairs at National Security Counsil/the NSC, address at New America Foundation, via RepresentativePress, {Subscribe}, 12-19-06, YT/08:36 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7a3Bfox0k4g&feature=fvwrel


{Austerity Leads To Extended Economic Depression; Taxes = Civilization; Tax-the-Rich & Corps-R-Ppl-Too 30 – 90%/$5 Million – $5+ Billion or They Will Continue To Wage War on the Environment, Colonize Free People Through Trade Pact & Bangk Loan, & Buy Democracy-&-War-4-Lose Change (Rich Reinvest & Corps Will “Break Themselves Up” when Progressively Taxed); Privatization = Profitization = Wealth Transferred Up}
>   ####(01-08-13)*ENO*WB*(UE43)###*

#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB13, Post 911 Spy Program, John Poindexter, Still Keeping Secrets, Reagan Admin. Criminal Surfaces in George “Wacky” Bush-II Administration ::

“… explain their decision to hire Iran-contra mastermind John Poindexter? They have employed him …to oversee one of the government’s most sensitive departments.”:: “Dr. Poindexter’s case (…lied to Congress and shredded official documents to conceal the Reagan administration’s conspiracy to trade arms for hostages and then use the dirty money for covert operations.)”

“Disgraced Admiral Now a Super Spy” [Took one for “The Gipper”]
~ Joe Conason – New York Observer, {Subscribe}, 11-25-02 :: Link/URL

< http://observer.com/2002/11/disgraced-admiral-now-a-super-spy/

>   ####(08-06-13)*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB14DC, War Criminal V.P. Dick CHENEY, Pre-911 Private Meeting w/Energy Corporations on 03-01-01, U.S. War Dept. & C.I.A. ::  /\/Click_ Blue_ Links < ↓ /\/see Intro_ Quotes_ Credits/\/

Plans to exploit Iraqi Oil Resources; Cheney knew what conquest of Iraq was worth to Corporations; The Bush-Cheney 2000 Ticket reaped highly significant amounts of campaign contributions from Oil Corporations.

“Dick Cheney Had Long Planned To Loot Iraqi Oil”

~ Scott Thompson, Executive Intelligence Review/EIR, {Subscriber Supported}, 08-01-03 :: Link/URL

< http://www.larouchepub.com/other/2003/3030cheney_oil.html

>##(05-14-13)#*ENO*WB#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB15DC, War Criminal V.P. Dick CHENEY, Pre-911 Private Meeting w/Energy Corporations on 03-01-01, U.S. War Dept. & C.I.A. ::

Plans to exploit Iraqi Oil Resources; Cheney knew what conquest of Iraq was worth to Corporations; The Bush-Cheney 2000 Ticket reaped highly significant amounts of campaign contributions from Oil Corporations.

“Cheney’s Energy Meetings Drooled Over This Iraqi Oil Map! (Poll)”
~ Sherlock Google – Daily Dos member, {Subscribe}, 11-16-05 :: Link/URL
< http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/11/16/165490/-Cheneys-Energy-Meetings-Drooled-Over-This-Iraqi-Oil-Map!-%28Poll%29
>   ####(05-14-13)*ENO*WB*(UE43)*(UE41)###*
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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB16DC, War Criminal George W. BUSH-II; U.S. War Dept. C.I.A., Iraq Oil; Christopher HITCHENS, Newt Gingrich Beating The Drum Of War With IRAN in 2002, Terrorism, 2002 ::
“Theocratic Facism” ~ C.H.; “Reactionary Islam” ~ N.G. ::
Saddam Hussein’s Iraq Regime Fingered by 5 Bush Administration members including: Pres. George “W.” Bush, V. Pres. Dick Cheney, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of State Colin Powell, National Security Advisor Condie Rice (& N.G.)
“Christopher Hitchens & Newt Gingrich: What kind of war are we fighting?”
~ via HooverInstitution, {Subscribe}, on 12-17-11, taped on 07-18-02, YouTube, 26:56 min :: Link/URL*^*<
>   ####(06-18-13)*GOPC*RA*WB(UE43)(UE43V)###*
#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|

Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB17, War Criminal George W. BUSH-II, U.S. War Dept. Iran, Military Spending


“Map of US Bases Surrounding The Iranian Threat”

~ War on Error, Daily Kos Member, Dailey Kos, {Subscriber Supported}, 12-10-11 :: BB Link/URL

< http://www.dailykos.com/story/2011/12/10/1044031/-Map-of-US-Bases-Surrounding-The-Iranian-Threat

>   ####(01-11-13)*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB18, Criminal Pres. George “W.” BUSH-II, (Republican – 2001-2008), Afghanistan-Iraq War Veteran Speaks about the racist war on terror
“Even The Troops Are Waking Up”
~ via 3usall, {Subscribe}, on 01-17-10, YouTube, 04:39 min :: Link/URL

< https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=K-CpCUOygqU

>   ####(01-08-13)*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB19, Pres. George “W.” Bush II, War on Terror, Torture, RepubLieCon Defending Torture


MISTITLED “Lawrence O’Donnell(Socialist) has a bad day in Front of David Rivkin”

~ Lawrence O’Donnell – MSNBC, {Subscribe}, David Rivkin – X-Bush Admin, via OutragedPeople, {Subscribe}, 11-02-09, YouTube, 04:09 min ::Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8e-7JofYjgY&feature=endscreen&NR=1
>##(06-01-13)*WB(UE43)#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB20, Criminal, Pres. George “W.” BUSH-II, (Republican – 2001-2008), 911, Iraq, John Michael TURNER, Combat Hostile Actions Described At Winter Warriors Meeting


“Iraq war: us soldier throws his medals and stars!!! And quits”

~ John Michael Turner – Iraq War Veteran, via balvinLgsony, {Subscribe}, on 12-05-09, YouTube, 09:56 min :: Link/ URL*^*<


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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB21, War Criminal, Pres. George “W.” BUSH-II, (Republican – 2001-2008), 911, James Mc MURTRY, Music

“We Can’t Make It Here Anymore”

~ James Mc Murtry, via Lame54, {Subscribe}, on 06-07-06, YouTube, 07:10 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTW0y6kazWM

>###(04-23-13)*CW*WB###*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB30EF, Bush v. Gore Election Stolen 2000, Election Fraud, FLORIDA; Electronic Voting Machines ::

GOP Pres. George “W.” Bush II, Corruption, {A Greg Palast Investigation}::

Gov. Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris – Florida Secretary of State, Palm Beach voting machines misread 27,000 ballots; In Gadsden, machines failed to count 1 of every 8 ballots ::
Katherine Harris stopped the hand count which cost Al Gore over 700 votes; The margin of the Bush win in Florida was 537 votes ::

{Clayton Roberts, DBT Choice Point Corp was paid $2.3 million to “Associate” names of FL voters with national felons registry (57,700 names associated with Florida voters – 90.2% were wrong associations); DBT Choice Point Corp was Not paid to verify any names; DBT warned of miss-association and it does not matter! :: In the ILLEGAL VOTE PURGE, Florida 2000, Black Americans were 1000 TIMES more likely to have their vote thrown out}


“How George W. Bush Stole His Election – BBC (Part 1 of 2)”

~ Greg Palast – BBC, {Subscriber Supported}, via WeArePatriots, on 07-10-08, YouTube, 09:58 min :: URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-0grkxe5uPk&feature=related
>_^_ Part 2, YouTube, 09:58 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a4kdJEH2aT0

>   ####(09-17-13)*WB(EF)(*FL)(UE43)(UJSC)###*
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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB31EF, Bush v. Gore Election Stolen 2000, Election Fraud, FLORIDA; Electronic Voting Machines ::

U.S. Judicial Br.-Supreme Court :: Election Fraud, Justices Antonin Scalia, Clarence Thomas, & Anthony Kennedy ::

“Secretary of State Katharine Harris-R scrubbed the voter list of thousands of supposed ex-felons, people where were entitled to vote & who were disproportionately African-American,” Bush Campaign Organized A RedPussLieCon Mob To Protest The Miami Dade Recount, Appointee President George W. Bush ::

{Charge :: Thomas, Scalia – Conflicts of Interest Affecting Neutrality}

~ Janette Rainwater – Progressive Politics, {Subscribe} :: Link/URL

< http://www.janrainwater.com/htdocs/GoreWon.htm
>_^_ Shorter Version “GORE WON”:: Link/URL

< http://www.janrainwater.com/htdocs/short.htm

>   ####(06-01-13)*WB(EF)(*FL)(UE43)(UJSC)###*
#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB32EF, Stolen Election 2000, Stolen White House; Gov. Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris – Florida Secretary of State, Clayton Roberts, DBT Choice Point Corporation was paid $2.3 million to “Associate” Names of Florida Voters with National Felons, (57,700 Names – 90.2% Wrong) but Not-Paid-To-Verify Any Names/DBT Warns of Miss-association and it does not matter! ::

ILLEGAL VOTE PURGE, Florida 2000 :: Black Americans 1000 TIMES More Likely To Have Vote Thrown Out

“Theft of the Presidency”
~ Greg Palast – Investigative Journalist, Author (Vultures Picnic), via theateroforcruelty, {Subscribe}, 09-12-06, YouTube, 09:52 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=76-zYfO5gBo&feature=relmfu
>   ####(04-24-12)*WB(EF)(*OH)(UE43)(UJSC)###*
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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB33EF, Stolen Election, Stolen White House 2000; Gov. Jeb Bush, Katherine Harris – Florida Secretary of State, Clayton Roberts, DBT Choice Point Corporation was paid $2.3 million to “Associate” Names of Florida Voters with National Felons, (57,700 Names – 90.2% Wrong) but not paid to verify any names/DBT Warns of Miss-association and it does not matter! No calls ever made to verify voter Name or Status :: ILLEGAL VOTE PURGE, Florida 2000 ::

Black Americans 1000 TIMES more likely to have vote thrown out; Votes stolen in swamp counties & machines set to eat ballot in “Black” Counties


“How George W. Bush Stole The 2000 Election – Part 1 of 2”
~ Greg Palast, via eurotrash2k, {Subscribe}, Victor Muh, on 10-21-06, YouTube, 16:34 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qy48bRHpGwo&feature=related
>_^_ YouTube, Part 2, 08:24 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0Cu6ab_jSE

>   ####(04-24-12)*WB(EF)(*OH)(UE43)(UJSC)###*
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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB34EF, Bush v. Gore Election Stolen 2000, Election Fraud, FLORIDA; Electronic Voting Machines ::

U.S. Judicial Br.-Supreme Court :: Justices Antonin Scalia & Clarence Thomas threw Presidential Election Bush vs. Gore 2000 ::

They bypassed due process in Florida State Courts to decided that Counting Votes “would damage” George Bushs’ chances of becoming President. [Unbelievable! The U.S. is a Judicial Monarchy.] ::

“While Thomas was deliberating the case …Thomas’ wife Virginia was at her job at the Heritage Foundation, a right-wing think tank, collecting resumes for appointments in a possible Bush administration” ::

Thomas was nominated by POTUS 41 George H. W. Bush-I in 1990 ::

Virginia Thomas stands to benefit greatly with Bush in the White House” ::

“Scalia’s Son Eugene is a partner in the Washington office of Gibson, Dunn, & Crutcher, where one of the senior partners is Theodore B. Olson, who argued Bush’s case before the Supreme Court ::

{Charge :: Thomas & Scalia – Conflicts of Interest Affecting Neutrality}
“Family ties, political bias linked US Supreme Court Justices to Bush camp”

~ Patrick Martin – World Socialist Web Site,{Subscribe},12-22-00::Link/URL

< http://www.janrainwater.com/htdocs/USSC-Bush.htm

>   ####(08-04-13)*WB(EF)(*FL)(UE43)(UJSC)###*
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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB40EF,@Karl ROVE’s Political Prisoner; PETITION To Free Political Prisoner #1 Gov. Don SIEGELMAN the Democratic Governor of Alabama (99-03); Don Siegelman’s election 11-2002 was stolen by electronic “Vote Flipping” of 15,000 Votes on election night in just 1 district that affected “No Down Ballot Candidates.” ::


Prosecution of Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman was pushed by Karl Rove from the corrupt Bush/Cheney/Rice/Rummy Whitehouse in which he hid.

The Alabama Federal Court Jury returned a “deadlocked” verdict twice. Sent back to deliberate a 3rd time, and after 2 months of forced deliberation, the beleaguered jury convicted Siegelman to end their Alabama Federal Court jury marathon! ::


The Jury was held “Hostage” for 2 months “Pending Conviction.” Federal Judge Mark Fuller had Siegelman shackled and sent immediately to Prison w/o the Usual 45 days, to get one’s life in order, before reporting. [That’s a textbook example of how to threaten, shut-up, and ice-down a whistleblower.] ::


A witness for the prosecution, Bailey, said Prosecutors made him write his testimony over and over again, just to get his story straight.  Defense Attorney’s were denied access to this fact and evidence, possibly changing the story (witnesses own words).  This is “Prosecutorial Misconduct.” ::


Republican Grant Woods – Former Attorney General of Arizona said, the Case should “never have gone to trial. …You do a bribery when a person has a real personal benefit, not when they say I would like you to help out on this project which I think is good for my State.” ::


PETITION Free Political Prisoner #1, Gov. Don Siegelman took nothing.; Prosecuted x Karl “Turd Blossom” Rove henchman, Al-Fed. Judge Mark Fuller-R held Siegelman’s jury hostage for 2 months, got 2 “deadlocks” …then finally a conviction for asking an Alabama Millionaire to start a lottery to provide scholarships for poor kids ::

Siegelman’s (Unofficial) Offense was being a “Rising Democratic Star” in the GOPee CONfederate South (like 2 term Governor and 2 term POTUS Bill Clinton of Arkansas) ::

(Alabama is a Police State managed x NeoCon Republican Judges) ::

Change.org PETITION :: Link/URL

< http://www.change.org/petitions/president-obama-please-restore-justice-and-pardon-my-dad
>_^_ “Don Siegelman On Abrams’ Verdict Part 1”
~ via videocafeblog, {Subscribe}, 04-08-08, YouTube, 05:06 min ::Link/URL
< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhbzBHxa1T0
>_^_ Former Alabama Governor “Don Siegelman (2 of 2)”
~ CBS TV, “60 Minutes” interview, via donsiegelman, {Subscribe}, 02-24-08, YouTube, 03:57 min :: Link/URL*^*<

>_^_ The story of Siegelman’s persecution by dirty tricks, protection, and corruption of the Bush/Cheney/Rove/Rice/Rummy Whitehouse

“It Does Happen In America: The Political Trial of Don Siegelman”

~ Paul Craig Roberts – Truth Injustice, {Subscribe}, 02-28-08 :: Link/URL

< http://truthinjustice.org/siegelman.htm
>_^_ Dana Jill Simpson, an Alabama Republican Operative was “assigned” to the task of digging up nude pictures or evidence of seedy affairs on Alabama Governor Don Siegelman (by AL Republicans under Karl Rove); There was “nothing to report” so they “invented” a case and held a Jury hostage for 2 months to convict.

“Check Out What Karl Rove Did To Don Siegelman”

~ Cenk “Jenk” Uygur – TYT, {Subscriber Supported}, on 02-22-08, YouTube, 03:17 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yG5sJHFtSIk
>_^_ Inside Political Hit Job; Dana Simpson overheard a Karl Rove and Bill Canary Conversation on Don Siegelman.  Later, Bill Canary’s wife prosecutes Siegelman.

“Don S. Discusses Karl Rove’s Political Witch Hunt”
~ Cenk “Jenk” Uygur – TYT, {Podcast Subscriber Supported}, 07-29-08, YouTube, 05:39 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TJVzxn-wvXM&feature=relmfu
>_^_ Bush Administration Official Karl “Turd Blossom” Rove declined to testify before Committee Investigating wrongful prosecution and incarceration of Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman
“60 Minutes: Don Siegelman Speaks”

~ via videocafeblog, {Subscribe}, on 04-06-08, YT/01:35 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ye6303U0kqA
>_^_ Karl Rove rejected a House Judiciary Committee Subpoena to testify on the prosecution of Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman; The Bush/Cheney/Rice/Rummy/Rove Administration stone walled the investigation, thus protecting “Turd Blossom” Karl Rove.

“Karl Rove’s Non-Denial on Siegelman Case”

~ George Stephanopoulos, Karl Rove, ABC, via Veracifier – TPM – Talking Points Memo, {Subscribe},  on 02-25-08, YouTube, 02:41 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KqmDJNFOLag&feature=related

>_^_ Karl Rove’s total denial of knowing Republican Operative Dana Jill Simpson
“Karl Rove: Jill Simpson Is Lying”

~ via Veracifier – TPM – Talking Points Memo, {Subscriber Supported}, on 02-25-08, YouTube, 01:41 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fpoz6YerDao&feature=relmfu
>_^_ A GOP Lawyer said Karl Rove talked to the Dept of Justice about investigating Dem. Governor Don Siegelman; GOP operative Dana Jill Simpson asks Karl Rove to swear to the Dept. of Justice that he didn’t ask her to “dig up dirt and sleaze” on Governor Don Siegelman; Simpson has “Phone Records” to confirm party contacts that Rove and Alabama Republicans are in total denial of those conversations.
“Dana Jill Simpson Responds to Karl Rove”
~ D. J. S. on MSNBC, via Veracifier – TPM – Talking Points Memo, {Subscriber Supported}, on 02-25-08, YouTube 01:41 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5eQW3P4v1g&feature=relmfu

>_^_ Questioning reveals Siegelman Case goes from “Written Off,” or useless to pursue by Prosecutors, to “Aggressive Persecution”…

“as if the case started all over again”

“Siegelman Lawyer Testifies About DoJ (U.S. Dept. of Justice) Interview”

~ Rep. Davis, House Judiciary Com, hearing, via Veracifier, {Subscribe}, on 10-24-07, YouTube, 05:26 min :: Link/URL

< http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ovhHMJOdYLI&feature=related
>_^_ Fixed Alabama Election 2002 :: Link/URL
< http://donsiegelman.org/Pages/topics/QUESTIONS/fixed_elections.html
>   ####(03-17-13)*CWP*WB(EF)(*AL)(UE43)###*
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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB50EF, Bush v. Kerry Election Stolen 2004, Election Fraud, OH; Presidential Election 10/11 Battleground States Flipped For Bush From Kerry

“Vote Fraud 2004: How OH was ‘Delivered’ to Bush”
~ What Really Happened, 11-04 :: Link/URL*^*<


>   ####(05-11-13)*WB(EF)(*OH)(UE43)(UJSC)###*
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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB51EF, Bush v. Kerry Election Stolen 2004, Election Fraud, OH; Electronic Voting Machines, Ohio Presidential Stolen Election 2004, Kerry/Bush  “Red Shift” 7 million Votes 2004; 11 Swing States; “Red Shift” Even Made Red Counties Reder Than Before ::

“analysis by Jonathan Simon and Ron Baiman examined the red shift. The final exit polls, posted at 12:23 a.m. on Wednesday morning, November 3, predicted Kerry with 50.8% of the national vote and Bush with 48.2% of the national vote – a difference of 2.6%….

State …… Exit poll result ….….… Official vote count ….. Red shift

NH………… Kerry by 10.8% …….. Kerry by 1.3% ……. 9.5%

OH………… Kerry by 4.2% ……… Bush by 2.5% …….. 6.7%

PA………… Kerry by 8.7% ………. Kerry by 2.2% …….. 6.5%

MN………… Kerry by 9.0% ……… Kerry by 3.5% …….. 5.5%

FL……….… Bush by 0.1% ………. Bush by 5.0% …….. 4.9%

NV……..… Kerry by 1.3% ………. Bush by 2.6% …….. 3.9%

NM……..… Kerry by 2.6% ……… Bush by 1.1% ……… 3.7%

CO……..… Bush by 1.8% ………. Bush by 5.2% ……… 3.4%

IA ………… Kerry by 1.3% ………… Bush by 0.9% ………. 2.2%

MI ……….. Kerry by 5.0% ………… Kerry by 3.4% …….. 1.6%

…if the official vote count had approximated the exit poll findings, Kerry would have won not only the national popular vote” ::

“Reasons for discrepancies between exit polls and official vote counts… When exit polls differ substantially from official election results, there can be only three reasons (or combination thereof): 1. Random error or chance;  2. Biased exit polls;  3. Impaired election integrity”

“Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen Too?”
~ Democratic Underground, {Subscribe}, 06-28-12 :: Link/URL*^*< http://www.democraticunderground.com/?com=view_post&forum=1002&pid=874782

>   ####(07-17-13)*WB(EF)(*OH)(UE43)###*
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Whistleblower-0666POTUS43-GWB52EF, Bush v. Kerry Election Stolen 2004, Election Fraud, OH; Presidential Election 10/11 Battleground States Flipped For Bush From Kerry ::
“Exit Polls showed Kerry ahead in ten of eleven battleground states – including commanding leads in Ohio and Florida – and winning by a million and a half votes nationally.” ::
” implausible disparities… 9.5 percent – with the exit polls. In ten of the eleven battleground states, the tallied margins departed from what the polls had predicted. In every case, the shift favored Bush. Based on exit polls, CNN had predicted Kerry defeating Bush in Ohio by a margin of 4.2 percentage points. …election results showed Bush winning the state by 2.5 percent. Bush also tallied 6.5 percent more than the polls had predicted in Pennsylvania, and 4.9 percent more in Florida.” ::
“A consulting firm called Sproul & Associates …hired by the Republican National Committee to register voters in six battleground states …shredding Democratic registrations.” ::
“half of the 6 million American voters living abroad never received their ballots or …too late to vote after the Pentagon unaccountably shut down a state-of-the-art web site used to file overseas registrations.”
“Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted – enough to have put John Kerry in the White House.”
“Was the 2004 Election Stolen?”
~ Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – Common Dreams, via Rolling Stone magazine, {Subscriber Supported}, 06-01-06 :: Link/URL
< http://www.commondreams.org/views06/0601-34.htm
>   ####(09-17-13)*WB(EF)(*OH)(UE43)(UJSC)###*
#*Copy^P^ShareCreativeCommonsEDU4Us+ B|


About greenenvscithr

This American, a socially concerned blogger, is a conservationist and an anti-desertification advocate. Cultures with paralyzed memories expand deserts. These cause and effect traits define human impact in the geologic warming period that is marked by population explosion, technological advancement and desertification of vast tracts of arable land. As a tree-hugger, it’s easy to look around the world at deforestation which dries climates, decreases surface water, but increases soil erosion and global warming …evaluating them as slow motion end-times behaviors. It should also be noted that progressive behavioral change holds the potential to stride toward sustainability, and coexistence on a blue-green planet …with others who look, think, talk, or act differently. (Tribalism + Nationalism + Profit-Charter = Corp’s War + Human Carnage + Environmental Disaster) If regard for a living environment reached a status equal to that fomented by deities, a bond uniting humanity across cultural and national borders could really exist. The human behavior instruction manual might offer a harmonic concrete experience instead of the confusion in an 1,189 chapter tyrant's windsock that requires interpreters with different intentions to construct misunderstandings about both physical and virtual worlds. Any deity that demands intellectual hypocrisy to absorb what is abstract, and funnels prey to the misguidance that mandates blind-belief, silence and complicity (while spreading clinical paranoid schizophrenia) will just lead people where psychopaths designate. Most religions are better described as "Maleligions" …as their traditions and laws are male contrived and dominated hierarchies. They generally concentrate on controlling women for the convenience of men, and programming both for the advantage of tyrants. A dictator wants blind-believers with a testosterone disadvantage and compliant cracker ovens to repopulate followers, thus erasing fatal mistakes in his tyrannical judgment. Creating “emotional deserts” raft with mental vortexes, (in which to become psychologically lost), leads stealthily to the cultural dissonance and distraction that produces the real ones, “rock paved deserts.” The human race is minimally a gaggle of tribes of desert-makers, except for a few that live sustainably. Freed from the bondage of a hereafter (that promises a reunion with familiar like minded people and an aura of mystery), progress and sustainability (unencumbered by cultural apathy and a parched pre-destiny) could exist. But religions general heading is in the opposite direction… suppressing women, sporting flat earth firewalls and celebrating dark-age “dolthood” as it spills human brain power into an everlasting insurance policy. Generally speaking, mysterious religions provide segues between human ignorance and corrupt psychopaths in an overall unconscious effort to leave no planet worth inhabiting. 3,018 ac edited 09-27-14
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