104 ♠♣♠ Donor’s Trust Psychopath’s Cabal: Building the Spider Web for Forbes 400 Kings


Corp Wolf P.A.C. Warlord-0666B01, Corp’s Pandemic “Donors Trust” Cabal,
Virginia “Right-Wing Charity;” Increase in dark money donations ::
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Dark Money Org. does not disclose donors funding Climate Change Denial after the Koch Brothers and Exxon slow donations to disclosing P.A.C.’s ::
“Since 1999, the nonprofit charity Donors Trust has handed out nearly $400 million in private donations to more than 1,000 right-wing and libertarian groups.” ::
“The most detailed accounting to date shows Donors Trust funds a wish list of right-wing causes, prompting Mother Jones magazine to label it ‘the dark-money ATM of the right.’” :: “…months-long investigation into the Donors Trust called ‘Donors Use Charity to Push Free-Market Policies in STATES.’” (^^^) “Donors Trust: Little-Known Group Helps Wealthy Backers Fund Right-Wing Agenda in Secret” ~ John Dunbar – The Center for Public Integrity, Amy Goodman – Democracy Now, {Subscriber Supported News}, 02-19-13, Video, 12+ Min :: Link/URL*^*< http://www.democracynow.org/2013/2/19/donors_trust_little_known_group_helps
>_^_ The Center for Public Integrity, Politics :: “KEY FINDINGS:
1.)  Donors Trust is a VA-based charity …$400 million from private donors to free-market causes since 1999.
2.)  Dozens of major conservative philanthropies hold Donors Trust accounts …Charles Koch (Tea Party).
3.)  Donors Trust has funded at least 51 state-level, free-market think tanks since 2007.
4.)  A conservative media outlet called the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity drew 95 percent of its revenue from Donors Trust in 2011.” ::
“In 2009, a network of online media outlets began popping up in state capitals across the nation, each covering the news from a clearly conservative point of view.” ::
“One Donors Trust grant to Mackinac Center was earmarked for “statehouse reporting” efforts.  Mackinac put the money toward a media machine of blogs and research studies making the case for the state’s new “right-to-work” law.” ::
“Conservative foundations and individuals use Donors Trust to pass money to a vast network of think tanks and media outlets that push free-market ideology in the states — $86 million in 2011 alone.” ::
“Nonprofit group lets donors fly ‘totally under the radar'”
“Donors use charity to push free-market policies in states”
~ Paul Abowd – The Center for Public Integrity, {Subscriber Supported}, 02-14-13 :: Link/URL
< http://www.publicintegrity.org/2013/02/14/12181/donors-use-charity-push-free-market-policies-states

>_^_ Mother Jones Exposes Tax Records of Donors Trust ::
IRS Tax Form 990: Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax – Under section 501(c), 527, or 4947(a)(1) of the Internal Revenue Code – 2011 – $39,267,594 taken in ::
“list of all of Donors Trust’s 2011 grants:” ~ Right-Wing-Recipient Orgs.
“Bankrolls the Heartland Institute, a shrill flag-bearer for climate-change denialism; the American Legislative Exchange Council, the right-wing bill mill; …slew of think tanks and advocacy shops promoting an anti-union, free-market agenda. As The Nation’s Ari Berman recently reported, Donors Trust is also the sole funder of the Project on Fair Representation, …gut the Voting Rights Act.”
(^^^) “Exclusive: Donors Trust, The Right’s Dark-Money ATM, Paid Out $30 Million in 2011” ~ Andy Kroll – Mother Jones, {Subscriber Supported}, 02-11-13 Link/URL
< http://www.motherjones.com/mojo/2013/02/donors-trust-2011-dark-money-heritage-cato-unions

>_^_ Right-Wing Attacking Voting Rights, The Nation ::
“bipartisan consensus that supported the VRA for nearly fifty years has collapsed, and conservatives are challenging the law …Supreme Court agreed to hear a challenge to Section 5 of the VRA, which compels parts or all of sixteen states with a history of racial discrimination in voting to clear election-related changes …The case will be heard on February 27. The lawsuit, originating in …Alabama, is backed by leading operatives and funders …along with Republican attorneys general in Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Georgia, South Carolina, South Dakota and Texas. Shelby County’s brief claims that ‘Section 5’s federalism cost is too great'”
(^^^) “Why Are Conservatives Trying to Destroy the Voting Rights Act?” ~ Ari Berman – The Nation, {Subscriber Supported}, 02-05-13 :: Link/URL
< http://www.thenation.com/article/172685/why-are-conservatives-trying-destroy-voting-rights-act#
>   ####(03-15-13)*CWP(*AL)(*AK)(*AZ)(*GA)(*SC)(*SD)(*TX)###*
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Corp Wolf P.A.C. Warlord-0666B02, Corp’s Pandemic “Donors Trust” Cabal,
Virginia “Right-Wing Charity” ::
“Since 1999, the nonprofit charity Donors Trust has handed out nearly $400 million in private donations to more than 1,000 right-wing and libertarian groups.” ::
Big Oil Donors & Keystone XL story by Tara Lohan – Moyers & Co; notes and quotes ::
XL Southern Leg opened in 2011 “…a 485-mile strip of Oklahoma & Texas”
XL Northern leg “…environmental impact statement… Environmental Resources Management, and paid for by TransCanada itself. …later found that the State Department intentionally kept the public in the dark about the connections. …Conflict…” ::
“Dark money …by the Kochs to counter climate change action …Donors Trust and Donor Capital to cover their tracks because such donations don’t need to be made public. …Donors Trust doled out …$63 million by 2010.”
“…2013 speech at Georgetown University, Obama …approve the pipeline if it didn’t exacerbate climate pollution.” ::
“Cushing …“pipeline crossroads of the world.” …hosts a terminus of the Keystone pipeline …Obama fast-tracked the southern leg of Keystone XL to help move crude out of Cushing and toward the Gulf …exported.” ::
“…observers documented dozens of anomalies and problems apparently caused by TransCanada contractors not following …engineering code.” ::
“The southern leg crosses 631 rivers and streams in the Lone Star State alone. …The Keystone pipeline (So. Leg) had 12 spills in its inaugural year.”
“The Keystone XL Pipeline’s ‘Accidental Activists’”
~ Tara Lohan – Moyers & Co., {Subscriber Supported}, 01-22-14 :: Link/URL
< http://billmoyers.com/2014/01/22/how-obama-threw-the-south-under-a-bus-for-the-keystone-xl-pipeline/

>_^_ FIND CORP’s that legislate Against Fellow Americans, and Corp’s who stopped funding A.L.E.C. “directly,” but still fund Trade Org’s that combine & “launder funds” for A.L.E.C.’s Corp lawmaking operations, “by proxy.” ::
“A.L.E.C. Corporations” (who write & promote “Boutique” Industry Laws)
~ SourceWatch – Center for Media & Democracy {Subscribe} :: BB Link/URL
< http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php?title=ALEC_Corporations

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>_ ^_ CLICK “YOUR” STATE to discover YOUR (“THEIR”) A.L.E.C. Legislators,
Libertarian Sock-Puppet School for Red-State Gov’t-Munchausen by proxy
“ALEC Politicians” “Legislators w/ALEC Ties” (find-expose puppet’s :poop: )
~ SourceWatch – Center for Media & Democracy {Subscribe} :: BB Link/URL
< http://www.sourcewatch.org/index.php/ALEC_Politicians

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About greenenvscithr

This American, a socially concerned blogger, is a conservationist and an anti-desertification advocate. Cultures with paralyzed memories expand deserts. These cause and effect traits define human impact in the geologic warming period that is marked by population explosion, technological advancement and desertification of vast tracts of arable land. As a tree-hugger, it’s easy to look around the world at deforestation which dries climates, decreases surface water, but increases soil erosion and global warming …evaluating them as slow motion end-times behaviors. It should also be noted that progressive behavioral change holds the potential to stride toward sustainability, and coexistence on a blue-green planet …with others who look, think, talk, or act differently. (Tribalism + Nationalism + Profit-Charter = Corp’s War + Human Carnage + Environmental Disaster) If regard for a living environment reached a status equal to that fomented by deities, a bond uniting humanity across cultural and national borders could really exist. The human behavior instruction manual might offer a harmonic concrete experience instead of the confusion in an 1,189 chapter tyrant's windsock that requires interpreters with different intentions to construct misunderstandings about both physical and virtual worlds. Any deity that demands intellectual hypocrisy to absorb what is abstract, and funnels prey to the misguidance that mandates blind-belief, silence and complicity (while spreading clinical paranoid schizophrenia) will just lead people where psychopaths designate. Most religions are better described as "Maleligions" …as their traditions and laws are male contrived and dominated hierarchies. They generally concentrate on controlling women for the convenience of men, and programming both for the advantage of tyrants. A dictator wants blind-believers with a testosterone disadvantage and compliant cracker ovens to repopulate followers, thus erasing fatal mistakes in his tyrannical judgment. Creating “emotional deserts” raft with mental vortexes, (in which to become psychologically lost), leads stealthily to the cultural dissonance and distraction that produces the real ones, “rock paved deserts.” The human race is minimally a gaggle of tribes of desert-makers, except for a few that live sustainably. Freed from the bondage of a hereafter (that promises a reunion with familiar like minded people and an aura of mystery), progress and sustainability (unencumbered by cultural apathy and a parched pre-destiny) could exist. But religions general heading is in the opposite direction… suppressing women, sporting flat earth firewalls and celebrating dark-age “dolthood” as it spills human brain power into an everlasting insurance policy. Generally speaking, mysterious religions provide segues between human ignorance and corrupt psychopaths in an overall unconscious effort to leave no planet worth inhabiting. 3,018 ac edited 09-27-14
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