[123] Koch-ALEC NRA RTW Slave-Catcher’s Fly-Over Plantation Deep State


Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1386 USA KOCH-A.L.E.C. RTW Plantation Deep State/OLIGARCHS OLIGARCHS: Storefront Corp’s & Political Action Committees
TIMELINE, AMERICAN DREAM, MIDDLE CLASS: POTUS Richard Nixon, Supreme Court Chief Justice Lewis Powell, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, CEO, Corporate Takeover, Political Action Committees; Hedrick Smith
Milton Friedman, Stock Options, Loopholes, Labor, 401(k), Retirement Cost, POTUS Ronald Reagan, Tax Rate, Forbes 400 Kings, Newt Gingrich, Partisan Gridlock, Republicans, Shutdown, GE, Jack Welch, POTUS Bill Clinton, POTUS George W. Bush, Dirk Van Dongen, Gang of Six, Tax Relief Coalition, Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan, Homeowner Equity, Wal-Mart, China, Offshoring, Wall Street, Filibuster, Infrastructure
“The Forbes 400 Richest Americans triple their net worth between 1978 to 1990, thanks to the Reagan tax cuts.” ~ Hedrick Smith
“Timeline: Who Stole The American Dream” (*POTUS 40, 41, 42, 43, 44)
~ @HedrickSmith1/Author & Correspondent, 2012 <  https://goo.gl/XJhmjB @Forbes @POTUS @SpeakerRyan @PRyan @SenateMajLdr @POTUS44 @GOP @Koch_Industries @CKinstitute @USChamberWatch @USChamber
Obama’s Wall St. 180, @mtaibbi/@truthdig,120909 < https://goo.gl/3Jk1aE

INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT: Plutocracy/Plutocrats, Oligarchy/Oligarchs, Forbes 400 Kings; American Dream, Rigged Deal
(^^^)   “Park Avenue: money, power and the American dream – Why”
~ The Why, {Subscribe}, 01-05-13, YT, 59:03 < https://goo.gl/zFQHX7

CAPITALISM: Economic Chaos, Environmental Crisis, Shortage, Resource Wars
Book: “The New Human Rights Movement”  ~ Peter Joseph   @AbbyMartin
(^^^)   “Empire Files: Peter Joseph & Abby Martin on Abolishing Capitalism”
~ @telesurenglish, {Donate}, 08-11-17, YT, 45:40 < https://goo.gl/HBFwXD

CAPITALISM: Wages Suppressed, Purchasing Power Decline, Borrowing, Debt;
Ownership Class, Opposite Of Democracy, Free Trade; Socialism, Worker Co-ops; Dividends, Profits, Shareholders; Inequality, Premature Death, War, 99%
“The Empire Files: Understanding Marxism and Socialism with Richard Wolff”  @profwolff @demmocracyatwrk  @AbbyMartin @SenSanders
~ @telesurenglish, {Donate}, 03-18-16, YT, 31:18 https://goo.gl/4chzYN

(^^^)   “Do You Actually Understand What ‘Socialism’ Is?”  @profwolff
 ~ @davidpakmanshow, {Donate}, 08-06-15, YT, 11:24 https://goo.gl/nStbEx

(^^^)   “Who Controls the U.S. Government and the Gap Between Rich and Poor: Noam Chomsky (1995)”
~ The Film Archives, {Subscribe}, 08-14-13, YT, 1:08:16 https://goo.gl/op8zdG

INVISIBLE GOVERNMENT: Plutocracy/Plutocrats, Oligarchy/Oligarchs, Forbes 400 Kings; American Dream, Meritocracy
(^^^)   “The 1 percent plays us for suckers: There is no meritocracy and they’ve strangled the American dream”
~ Jay Baron Nicorvo/@Salon, {Donate}, 04-19-15 < https://goo.gl/Eezk9m

REPUBLICAN FASCISM, FATHER OF MODERN CONSERVATISM, CHRISTIAN, PAUL WEYRICH: Evangelicals, Nazi’s, White Supremacists; Heritage Foundation, Brookings Institute, Free Congress Foundation, American Legislative (& Judicial Judas) Exchange Council
{ The video clip is from a Weyrich speech delivered in a Dallas Texas church in 1980.  It marked the beginning of success in the modern Conservative Movement and class warfare led by corporations and billionaires. ~ IGRPP }
“I don’t want everybody to vote”   (*FK2) (*EF)  @realDonaldTrump @GOP
~ peoplefor, {Subscribe}, 06-08-07, YT, 0:32 < https://goo.gl/8Vt7gz

Powel Memorandum, @Wikipedia, {Donate} (*UJSC) https://goo.gl/l65y3W
Paul Weyrich, (Neo-Lib/Neo-Con), Wikipedia (Bio) < https://goo.gl/z5Qq7s
Paul M. Weyrich, @sourcewatch, {Subscribe/Donate} https://goo.gl/Nrd1Mz
Fred C. Koch, (Hitler-Stalin Oil/John Birch Soc.), W < https://goo.gl/1F4mQK
@Koch_Industries, Home ( Charles & David, #alec) < https://goo.gl/HmxqYp
@Koch_Industries, (Priv. Conglomerate, #alec), Wiki  < https://goo.gl/EeyxqK
David Koch, (#alec, #DLC, @GOP, #Crosscheck, #PAC) < https://goo.gl/RMLL4f
Charles Koch, (Political Action Committees…), Wiki < https://goo.gl/pt90Vt
@rupertmurdoch, (Aussy Smut Mag./Fox/@POTUS) < https://goo.gl/dIYUhK
Roger Ailes, (x @FoxNews CEO/@POTUS/harasser) < https://goo.gl/eeuKSw

Am’n Legislative (+Judicial Judas) Exchange Council, S https://goo.gl/pR1U6D
Am’n Legislative (+Judicial Judas) Exchange Council, w https://goo.gl/WfPR4g
@Heritage Fdn, (Con Think Tank, @POTUS), Wiki < https://goo.gl/gaw5dP
@Hooverinst, (@Stanford, @POTUS) , @Wikipedia < https://goo.gl/fopVuC
Hoover Institution, (Conservative Think Tank). SW < https://goo.gl/1hDcYK
(Private Int’l Lobby) @USChamber of Commerce, W < https://goo.gl/fGgykn
@AFP A’s For Prosperity, (#Koch #TeaParty), Wiki < https://goo.gl/OTSnW3
A’s 4 Tax Reform @taxreformer, (taxes=civilization) < https://goo.gl/0tdgtN
@NRA Nat. Rifle Assn, (Nihilist Rapid-fire Assassins)  < https://home.nra.org/
NRA – National Rifle Assn of America, @Wikipedia < https://goo.gl/lOaAua

USC of Commerce, @sourcewatch/CMD, {Donate}  < https://goo.gl/vu7SW4
@USChamberWatch, Public Citizen, {Donate} < https://goo.gl/vZgeda
Stop The Chamber, @VR_Tweet, {Donate}, < https://goo.gl/5aAyVj
ALEC, @sourcewatch/CMD, {Subscribe/Support} < https://goo.gl/c3X85T
@Heritage Foundation, @sourcewatch, {Donate}  < https://goo.gl/5m9Zxo
NRA, (#ALEC #Koch @Koch_Industries), @sourcewatch https://goo.gl/3urEEZ
@tweetcongress, Tweeters, keywords, hashtags < https://goo.gl/2TLeQF
@ALECexposed @PRwatch @BridgeProject21 @CREWcrew @OpenSecrets @gov_institute @CongreesRecord

(^^^)   “Robespierre Of The Right”  (Paul Weyrich)
~ David Grann/@NewRepublic, {Donate}, 10-27-97 < https://goo.gl/WU89MZ

A.L.E.C. the un-“American Legislative (& Judicial Judas) Exchange Council”
A.L.E.C. VOTER I.D. RED STATE BOILERPLATE/COOKIE CUTTER LAWS:  American Legislative(Judas) Exchange Council; State Legislatures, Politicians & Lobbyists; Model Corporate Legislation; Connections Academy; American Bail Coalition; New Orleans A.L.E.C. Convention 2011; Photo I.D. Laws; Wisconsin Professor Joel Rogers  *WI *TN *NC *FL *AZ
Around 1,000 boilerplate bills are introduced each year and up to 200 bills pass red state legislatures.
(^^^)   “United States of ALEC”  (Bill Moyers & Company)  @MoyersNews
~ @prwatch, @sourcewatch/@EXPOSEDbyCMD, {Subscriber Supported Journalism/Donate}, 10-01-12, YT, 31:54 < https://goo.gl/u1nMUw

(^^^)   “Thom Hartmann: The Secrets of ALEC Exposed”
~ @Thom_Hartmann/Big Picture @RT_America, {Donate}, w/Lisa Graves/@ALEC Exposed @prwatch, (Subscriber Supported Investigative Journalism}, 07-21-11, YT, 10:08 < https://goo.gl/jInMAk

A.L.E.C. the un-American Legislative (& Judicial Judas) Exchange Council
GOP Corruption Since 1973, 300+ Corporations Buying State Legislators
 A.L.E.C. Pushed 826 Bills Introduced in 2009/115 Enacted Into Law, Filling Private Prisons, CCA Corporation
(^^^)   “Democracy For Sale” @Koch_Industries @CKinstitute #ALEC
~ @Lawrence O ‘Donnell/@MSNBC with Andrew Gill/P.F.A.W./@peoplefor, {Subscribe}, 05-17-11, Video, 6:11 < https://goo.gl/6lIRvm

A.L.E.C.: Model Corporate Legislation Written For State Legislators
(^^^)   “Inside ALEC, The Koch-Funded Group Behind Right-Wing State Laws”
~ Beau Hodai/@AlterNet, {Support}, 07-13-11 < https://goo.gl/hwSz09

(^^^)   “This shadowy organization has played and extraordinary role in shaping pro-corporate legislation in a number of states.”
~ Bill Berkowitz/@AlterNet, {Support}, 03-31-11 < https://goo.gl/0X2R96

(^^^)   “Corporations Which Have Cut Ties to ALEC” @ALECexposed
~ @sourcewatch/@EXPOSEDbyCMD, {Subscribe} __ www.sourcewatch.org
American Legislative Exchange Council, @wikipedia https://goo.gl/5XceUe
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Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1386 USA KOCH-A.L.E.C. RTW Plantation Deep State/OLIGARCHS: Storefront Corp’s & Political Action Committees
Foreign Donor’s non-“U.S. Chamber of Commerce” Tom Donahue, CEO
(USCC = Private Corporation, Not a U.S./Federal Government Affiliated);
Off-Shoring U.S. Corporations & Jobs; U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE: Corporate Republican/T Think Tank, Lobby Arm, International Tentacles, Domestic and Foreign Donors
“But a review of the nearly 70 chamber-produced ads found that 93 percent of those that have run nationwide that focus on the midterm elections either support Republican candidates or criticize their opponents.” ~ NY Times
“Top Corporations Aid U.S. Chamber of Commerce Campaign”  ~ NY Times
~ Eric Lipton, Mike McIntire & Don Van Natta Jr./@nytimes,  10-21-10 _**
< https://goo.gl/T5d5bu
Stop The Chamber, @VR_Tweet, {Donate}, https://goo.gl/5aAyVj

FOX entertainment commercials, hosts and guests discredits ObamaCare;
USCC paid for Health Care bashing commercials;
Affordable (Private Health Insurance Access &) Care Act 2010;
“StopTheChamber.com was contacted by a Chamber Whistleblower who described CEO Tom Donohue is scamming clients to serve his own interests rather than the business community …compared Donohue to Jack Abramoff & Bernie Madoff …alleged that Donohue does not fear the F.E.C. or Congress”
2010 Allegation “six largest health insurance companies in the U.S. had been secretly funneling millions of dollars Chamber to oppose health reform”
USCC donations “dominated by oil companies, pharmaceutical giants, automakers & other polluting industries”
(^^^)   “U.S. Chamber of Commerce”
~ @sourcewatch,/@EXPOSEDbyCMD, {Donate} < https://goo.gl/vu7SW4
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Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1386 USA KOCH-A.L.E.C. RTW Plantation Deep State/OLIGARCHS: Storefront Corp’s & Political Action Committees
COURT CONSPIRACY, CHIEF JUSTICE LEWIS POWELL:  President Richard Nixon; Executive, Judicial, Corporate  Plot
POWELL MEMO: August 23, 1971; Louis Powell, U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Eugene Sydnor; Richard Nixon (Republican – 1969-74); Supreme Court Nomination, Chief Justice, Powell; Attack Education; Corporate Influence, Think Tanks, Political Action Committees; Judicial Activism, [Citizens (Corporations) United (dec.) v. Federal Election Commission, 01-21-10]
“The Lewis Powell Memo – Corporate Blueprint to Dominate Democracy”  @commondreams   @USSupremeCourt  (*POTUS37)
~ Charlie Cray/@Greenpeace, {Donate}, 08-25-11 < https://goo.gl/Sh48CG
The Powell Memo-Corps, @MoyersNews, 09-14-12 < https://goo.gl/pDjDdS

POWELL MANIFESTO: “Lewis F. Powell, then a corporate lawyer and member of the boards of eleven corporations, wrote a memo to his friend Eugene Sydnor, Jr., the director of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce…”  @USChamber
After receiving the memo, Nixon nominated Powell to Supreme Court.  Powell continued his plot to hand power to corporations as Chief Justice.
(^^^)   “40 Years Since ‘Powell Memo’ Laid out Corporate Agenda”
~ @commondreams, IPA, {Subscribe}, 08-30-11 < https://goo.gl/48ta3P

POWELL MANIFESTO “dated August 23, 1971, two months prior to Powell’s nomination by President Nixon to the US Supreme Court”
“Powell did embrace expansion of corporate privilege and wrote the majority opinion in First National Bank of Boston v. Bellotti, a 1978 decision that effectively invented a First Amendment ‘right’ for corporations to influence ballot questions.”
“The memo influenced or inspired the creation of the Heritage Foundation, the Manhattan Institute, the Cato Institute, Citizens for a Sound Economy, Accuracy in Academe, and other powerful organizations. Their long-term focus began paying off handsomely in the 1980s, in coordination with the Reagan Admin’s ‘hands-off business’ philosophy.”  (*POTUS37)
“The Powell Memo (also known as the Powell Manifesto)”
~ @ReclaimDemo, {Donate}, (03-17) < https://goo.gl/TsceZE

(^^^)   “The Elites Have Destroyed The Status Quo’s Ability To Self-Correct”
~ Charles Hugh-Smith/OfTwoMinds, @ZeroHedge/Tyler Durden, {Donate}, 05-03-17 < https://goo.gl/69ZeWU
Left’s Descent To Fascism, {Donate}, 04-18-17 < https://goo.gl/thzrhG
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Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1386 USA KOCH-A.L.E.C. RTW Plantation Deep State/OLIGARCHS: Storefront Corp’s & Political Action Committees
The destruction of democracy is funded with untaxed profit-charter corporate and psychopathic billionaire profits …amounting to spare change which is dangerous to civilization and life on earth.
{ The destruction of democracy is funded with untaxed or gross anarchist corporate revenue and pre-taxed oligarch income, and just the spare change of both groups.  Both revenue (spare change) sources are now considered to be delimited “money is free speech” operatives by the five corporate Catholic “fascists” on the Supreme Court. (Fascism is a political predicament brought on by corporate-owned media causing conservative people to hate other groups of fellow citizens, and using intellectually compromised voters to take over the operation of state and federal governments.) The spare change is used for self-serving “charity.” Self-defense for civilization involves progressively taxing that “spare change” and narrowly re-defining the role of social-good, charity and corporation, while limiting the role of spare change in re-defining democracy as neo-fascism (in a 28th Amendment/Move To Amend). ~ IGRPP }
(^^^)   “The Enemies Within: 20 Most Dangerous Conservatives & Their Orgs”
~ Stephen D. Foster Jr., Addictinginfo (.) org, Greanvillepost, {Subscriber Supported Investigative Journalism}, 08-07-11 < https://goo.gl/prscy8
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Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1386 USA KOCH-A.L.E.C. RTW Plantation Deep State/OLIGARCHS: Storefront Corp’s & Political Action Committees
Book: “Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right” ~ Jane Mayer, @JaneMayerNYer (Hardcover) 01-19-16;
Fred Koch History, Hitler’s Engineer
“The Kochs’ father founded Tea Party predecessor the John Birch Society that dealt in similar themes of anti-government paranoia that dovetailed nicely with the Kochs’ financial interests in pro-corporate deregulation efforts.”
“New York Times reveals blockbuster about the rightwing oligarchs.”
(^^^)   “Report: Koch Brothers’ Father Helped Nazis Build Oil Refinery”
~ @adamjohnsonNYC/@AlterNet, {Donate}, 01-11-16 https://goo.gl/XVFHRC
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Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1386 USA KOCH-A.L.E.C. RTW Plantation Deep State/OLIGARCHS: Storefront Corp’s & Political Action Committees
POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEES: Corporate Fascism, Economic Sabotage, Forbes 400 Kings Koch Brothers, Billionaire Agenda Against America
(^^^)   “Bernie Sanders Goes off on Charles Koch”
~ @Thom_Hartmann, {Donate}, 07-12-13, YT, 5:24 < https://goo.gl/hn5amr

KOCH TAKEOVER, REPUBLICAN/T PARTY: Koch Tea Party, Karl Rove, Governor Scott Walker, Wall Street Democrats, Blue-Dogs, Right To Work, Taft-Hartley; Populist, Pro-Labor, New Deal Democrats, Wall Street Financiers, Oligarchs, Control Presidency;
Governor Villains; Republican/T Shutdown, Austerity, National Bankruptcy; Walker, Kasich, Snyder, Brownback, Economic Populism v. Cultural Populism, Strategy; Federal Subsidy; Iowa, Senator Joanie Ernst, Plain Folks Technique; Scott Brown, Pickup Truck, Volker Rule, Dodd-Frank 2010; Elizabeth Warren; Permanent Republican/T, Austerity Dictatorship, Christian Fundamentalists, Holy Rollers, Southerners, Confederate States of America Nostalgics;
Republican/T Warmongers, Senator John McCain, Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Kelly Ayotte; {Arrest McCain For Funding ISIS} United Front Radio;
Republican/T Tax Reform, (tax cuts for the rich), Deregulation, Abolish Nation Labor Regulations Board, Cut Civil Rights Act of 1960’s, Election Laws, Voter I.D., Eliminate Early Voting, Harass Voters; Supreme Court Control, Thomas, Scalia, Roberts, Alito, Kennedy, Texas Voter Suppression Law, Racist Law; Trade Unions, Counter Koch Machine;
Citizens (Corporate Citizens) United, Foreign Money, Export Import Bank; Fascists, Wisconsin, Governor Walker, Gangs, Terror, Michigan, Governor Rick Snyder, American Fascism; Obama, Weak President, Caving, Austerity, Foreign War, Permanent Austerity Dictatorship, Endless War, Reactionary Republican;
Divided Government, Seizing the Fed, Corporations, Tentacles of Wall Street, Henry Ford, Supporting Hitler; Koch Brothers, Low Wage Economy, Underbid China; High Value Economy; Extractive Industries, Low Wage; Reactionary Republican/T Party; Political Oligarchy, Oligarchic Southern Mind, Rush Limbaugh, Hatred, Fear, Radicalism, Anti-Obama, Anti-Immigrant; Party of National Sabotage; Privatization, Predatory Use;
Minimum Wage Ballot Initiatives; “The economic point of agreement is well to the left of the Democratic Party”; Economic Populism;
Militant Reactionaries, Fred Koch, Mussolini, John Birch, Mormon Church
{This audio is explains the 2014 status of the Republican/T Party and the Democratic Party.  Tarpley apparently does not comprehend the urgency of responding to impending climate disaster, the 6TH Extinction. ~ IGRPP }
“Webster Griffin Tarpley (born 1946) is an American author, historian, economist, journalist and lecturer. He is not a member of any political party and a former member of the U.S. Labor Party.”
(^^^)   “Webster Tarpley on Koch controlled Republican Party”
~ mengutimur, {Subscribe}, 11-04-14, YT, 58:13 < https://goo.gl/ylguEi

1.)  Natural Disasters;  2.)  Empire overextended;  3.)  Disintegrating family;   4.)  Bizarre & perverse entertainment;  5.)  Parasitic elite;
6.)  War, violence crime;  7.)  Debt  ~ Jerry Kroth,
(^^^)   “Is America on the brink?”
~ Jerry Kroth, {Subscribe}, 04-19-16, YT, 41:05 < https://goo.gl/FXGUdU

Tea Party Billionaire Cabal is an organized Deep State which has final say over Federal and Red-State lawmaking or law breaking.
Book: “Dark Money: The Hidden History of the Billionaires Behind the Rise of the Radical Right” ~ Jane Mayer
“Well, what you have to understand is the Kochs have built kind of an assembly line to manufacture political change. And it includes think tanks, which produce papers. It includes advocacy groups that advocate for policies. And it includes giving money to candidates. And you put those three together, and they’ve pushed against doing anything about climate change on all those three fronts at once.” ~ Jane Mayer
(2010) “I then went down to a weekend meeting that the biggest Koch group was holding, Americans for Prosperity, in Austin, Texas, and there they were giving seminars to tea party members on how to organize.” ~ JM
“He (Charles Koch) was more preoccupied with becoming a kind of a radical economic libertarian, meaning that he wanted to get the government to just let businesses do what they wanted to do and let the free market rule America.” ~ Jane Mayer
“Dark Money: Jane Mayer on How the Koch Bros. & Billionaire Allies Funded the Rise of the Far Right”   @JaneMayerNYer @NewYorker
~ @democracynow, {Donate}, 01-20-16, Video, 31:30 https://goo.gl/U3ELYD

KOCHS: Koch’s are funding climate denial groups to the tune of $67 million.
“Koch Bro David Koch has spent more than $67 million to fund groups that deny the mountain of science documenting climate change.”
(^^^)   “Hey there, Lowdowners”   @JimHightower
~ @HightowerNews, {Subscribe/Donate}, (2015)  https://goo.gl/KLB38h

(^^^)   “Noam Chomsky: How Climate Change Became a ‘Liberal Hoax’”
~ @thenation, {Donate}, 01-24-11, YT, 21:49 < https://goo.gl/2fJV2e

(^^^)   “Bill McKibben: Why Climate Change Is the Most Urgent Challenge We Face”  @billmckibben  @350 @350action (avoid hell & high water disasters)
~ @thenation, {Subscribe}, 01-24-11, YT, 28:10 < https://goo.gl/tEUfjd
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Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1386a USA KOCH-A.L.E.C. RTW Plantation Deep State/OLIGARCHS: Storefront Corp’s & Political Action Committees
(^^^)   ”Lee Camp on Keiser Report”  (@LeeCamp, LeeCamp2,)
~ @RedactedTonight {Donate}, 06-07-13, YT, 13:50  < https://goo.gl/cCCfcC
@RedactedTonight Channel, {Podcasts/Donate}  < https://goo.gl/D4gg92
@LeeCamp Channel < https://www.youtube.com/user/leecamp

(^^^)   ”6 Corporations That Control Your Perception | Think Tank”
~ @breakingtheset/@AbbyMartin,  06-06-13, YT7:35  https://goo.gl/MeIQ8Q
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Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1386a USA KOCH-A.L.E.C. RTW Plantation Deep State/OLIGARCHS: Storefront Corp’s & Political Action Committees
HEDGE FUND BILLIONAIRES: Political Action Committees, Min. Wage Hike
(^^^)   “Hedge Fund Billionaires Fund Super PAC Ad Against Bernie Sanders and Minimum Wage Hike”  (*DNC) (*FRK)  (*TPP)
~ Zaid Jilani/@theintercept, {Donate}, 02-17-15 < https://goo.gl/XQtH5w
HC Picks TPP & Fracking Advocate…WH, 081616 < https://goo.gl/uKtu94

“Excerpts of Hillary Clinton’s Paid Speeches to Goldman Sachs Finally Leaked”
~ @lhfang, Zaid Jilani, Alex Emmons, Naomi LaChance/@theintercept, {Donate}, 10-06-16 _< https://goo.gl/rKPmgs (*DNC) (*KXL) (*SPE) (*TPP)
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Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1386a USA KOCH-A.L.E.C. RTW Plantation Deep State/OLIGARCHS: Storefront Corp’s & Political Action Committees
OLIGARCHS: Corp Storefronts, Apple, Jobs; Microsoft, Gates; Amazon, Bezos;
“Unprecedented wealth disparity in America is driven by corrupt corporate practices and the myth of earned wealth.”
(^^^)   “This Country Is Rigged in 1,000 Directions to Protect the Wealthiest—Including the Idea That Most People ‘Earned’ Their Way to the Top”
~ Donald Jeffries/Skyhorse/@AlterNet, 08-09-17 < https://goo.gl/UcY1rZ

(^^^)   “The richest person in all 50 states”
~ @emilyjanefox/@CNN Money, {Subscribe}, 10-15-14  https://goo.gl/PsjrxX

(^^^)   “The richest person in each state”
~ Robert Frank/CNBC, {Subscribe}, 10-15-14 < https://goo.gl/HgpYgX

(^^^)   “The New American Oligarchy”
~ Andy Kroll/@truthout, {Donate}, 12-02-10 < https://goo.gl/A1FjSq

GOP: Politics “Establishment-bashing Ted Cruz nabs four of six top donors.”
(^^^)   “The POLITICO 100: Billionaires dominate 2016”
~ Kenneth P. Vogel/Isaac Arnsdorf/@politico,020816 https://goo.gl/D6BmGE

FORBES 400 KINGS:  Oligarchs, The Deep State Movers And Shakers
(^^^)   “The Forbes 400, The Richest People In America”
~ @Forbes, {Subscribe}, < https://goo.gl/BVAQPr

(^^^)   “World’s Most Powerful People” “The 70 Who Matter”
~ Nicole Perlroth & Michael Noer/@Forbes < https://goo.gl/QbYvok

LOBBYISTS:   Forbes 400 King’s two deep states and multinational corporate lobbyists push legislators to pass corporate crafted bills that benefit the rich.
“535 members of Congress, one president, and 23 cabinet officers in …national government, but they are constantly swarmed by 12,000 registered Washington lobbyists! These hired guns hauled in a whopping $3.3 billion last year for helping big oil, big banks and other biggies gouge us.”
It’s lobbyists, corporations, oligarchs and their politicians versus the U.S. taxpayer, and main street small businesses which employ two out of three American workers
(^^^)   “Lobbyists do cosmetic cleanup”
~ @JimHightower/@HightowerNews/Colorado Springs Independent, {Investigative Journalism/Donate}, 03-05-13 < https://goo.gl/sr9Ptx

WALL STREET CEO PAY:  Complete List, 498   “Gravity-Defying CEO Pay”
(^^^)   “America’s Highest Paid Chief Executives”   (Photos & Bios)
~ @Forbes, {Subscribe} < https://goo.gl/PYSzbi

HEALTH CARE CEO’s: “How a $124.8 million CEO salary can be reconciled with a mission to ‘make health care more affordable’ is completely beyond me. “
“How Can a $124.8 Million a Year CEO Make Health Care More Affordable?”
~ Health Care Renewal, {Donate}, 05-10-05 < https://goo.gl/1hTdhz

BILLIONAIRE C.E.O.’s: One Billion Dollars = One Thousand Million
(^^^)   “18 Billionaire CEO’s”   (Photos & Bios)
~ @Forbes, {Subscribe} < https://goo.gl/4YyWj6

WALL STREET  “The world’s billionaires club now includes 40 men who have earned a significant part of their wealth from managing hedge funds.”
(^^^)   “World’s Richest Hedge Fund Managers & Traders”  (Photos & Bios)
~ Nathan Bardi/@Forbes, {Subscribe}, 03-04-13 < https://goo.gl/8UuXsP

(^^^)   “The Worlds Billionaires” (1 – 1,427, Photos & Thumb Nail Bios)
~ @Forbes, {Subscribe} < https://goo.gl/QmzUXL
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Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1386aa USA KOCH-A.L.E.C. RTW Plantation Deep State/OLIGARCHS: Storefront Corp’s & Political Action Committees
U.S. WEALTH DISTRIBUTION: Perceived, Fair by Consensus & Actual Distribution; C.E.O. Pay; Five 20% Population Brackets
“Infographics on the distribution of wealth in America, highlighting both the inequality and the difference between our perception of inequality and the actual numbers. The reality is often not what we think it is.”
(^^^)   “Wealth Inequality in America”
~ politizane, {Subscribe}, 11-20-12, YT, 6:24 < https://goo.gl/ShcbDZ

INEQUALITY   “The issue of wealth inequality across the United States is well known, but this video shows… imbalance in dramatic and graphic fashion.”
(^^^)   “Viral Video Shows the Extent of U.S. Wealth Inequality”
~ Charlie White/@Mashable, {Donate}, 03-02-13 < https://goo.gl/pMoxis

VULTURE CAPITALIST MITT ROMNEY:  2012 Presidential Election
“The GOP’s million-dollar donor club is filled with businessmen who will do anything for their next big financial killing.”
(^^^)   “5 Reasons the ‘Geezer Empire’ of Billionaire Republicans Are Showering Romney With Cash”
~ Steven Rosenfeld/@AlterNet, {Donate}, 05-29-12 < https://goo.gl/9kQ4N9

ILLINOIS POLITICS, GOVERNOR RAUNER:  Businessman, Economic Club of Chicago, Kenneth C. Griffin – Hedge Fund Manager; Public Sector Unions
“Unprecedented political spending helped elect a fresh-faced financier. But his ideological vision has unsettled many in the state.”    @nytimes
(^^^)   “A Wealthy Governor and His Friends Are Remaking Illinois”
~ Nicholas Confessore/@nytimes, 11-29-15 < https://goo.gl/NoXgZE

(^^^)   “The New York Times Gets Money and Politics Wrong”
~ John O. McGinnis/Liberty Law Site (RW), 11-30-15 https://goo.gl/TcPySa

-/\/-  “Ken Griffin addressed a full house at the Economic Club of Chicago’s 85th Dinner Meeting. In front of a sold out audience, Mr. Griffin spoke about getting his start in the financial industry, the firm’s culture, and his views on the future of Chicago and Illinois.”
(^^^)   “Ken Griffin Speech – Economic Club of Chicago (ECC) – May 2013”
~ Citadel, {Subscribe}, 05-22-15, YT, 1:04:42 < https://goo.gl/bnGnMx

Political Action Committees: Eco-Suicide, Social-Suicide, Economic Collapse
(^^^)   “Government of, by, and for Big Money”
~ @JimHightower/@HightowerNews, {Donate}, 07-15-15
< https://goo.gl/5YyDN9

(^^^)   “Dark Money’s Deepening Power”
~ @nytimes/Op, {Subscribe}, 06-29-15 < https://goo.gl/1BoZ9L

FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION  “Two political watchdog groups, the Campaign Legal Center and Democracy 21, cited the uselessness of the F.E.C.”
(^^^)   “The ‘Non-Candidate’ Money Spigot”
~ @nytimes/Op, {Subscribe}, 05-30-15 < https://goo.gl/SGNtqB

(^^^)   “McCutcheon vs FEC”   @OpenSecretsDC
~ Center for Responsive Politics, {Subscribe}, (2014) < https://goo.gl/dYZ6xj

“Super PACs are a relatively new type of committee that arose following the July 2010 federal court decision in a case known as SpeechNow.org v. Federal Election Commission.”
(^^^)   “Super PACs”   @OpenSecretsDC
~ Center for Responsive Politics, (00) < https://goo.gl/QkZL78

(^^^)   “United States: Political Action Committees”
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(^^^)   “Neil Gorsuch, Backed by $10 Million in Dark Money, Refuses to Weigh In on Citizens United”
~ @democracynow, {Donate}, 03-22-17, YT, 11:20 < https://goo.gl/ktjb8m

DARK MONEY:  Political Action Committees, Oligarchs, Deep State Money
(^^^)    “End Dark Money Campaign Video”
~ @NationofChange, {Subscribe}, 02-09-15, YT, 2:56 < https://goo.gl/u19rDW
End Dark Money Teaser, {Subscribe}, 020915, 0:44 < https://goo.gl/35B8KR

(^^^)   “Public Policy Think Tanks”
~ Schema Root: In Support of the Global Democracy Movement, {Subscriber Supported Investigative Journalism}, (00-00) < https://goo.gl/TjzoQV

POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE:  Carolina Rising, Sen. Thom Tillis (R*NC) North Carolina, Dark Money
“Sen. Thom Tillis (R-N.C.) defeated Democratic incumbent Kay Hagan in 2014 with the assistance of millions of dollars in ads run by a nonprofit “social welfare” organization, Carolina Rising. The group worked almost exclusively on behalf of Tillis.”
“Political nonprofit spent nearly 100 percent of funds to elect Tillis in ’14”
~ Robert Maguire/@OpenSecretsDC,{Donate},102015 https://goo.gl/XjAc78

“200 people currently contribute 85% of all the money put into Super PACS. We should be furious about that.”
“Where’s the Public Outrage About Big Money in Politics?”
~ @americaslawyer, Mike Papantonio/@ringoffireradio, @AlterNet, {Podcasts/ Subscriber Supported Journal}, 07-07-14 < https://goo.gl/MZJ0JH

MICHIGAN *MI: Michigan House, SB 571
Speaker Kevin Cotter, R-Mt. Pleasant, Rep. Lisa Posthumus Lyons, R-Alto
“The 12-page bill, which made some minor changes to Michigan’s campaign finance law …adopted it unanimously …reduce unnecessary paperwork for both corporations and labor unions” ~ DFP BD
“Lyons and Speaker Kevin Cotter, R-Mt. Pleasant, had no intention of sending SB 571 to Gov. Rick Snyder in its current form. …bill provided ideal camouflage for the more sweeping rewrite of campaign finance law both had in mind.” ~ Detroit Free Press, Brian Dickerson
(^^^)   “Dark money’s servant in Lansing delivers”
~ Brian Dickerson/Detroit Free Press Columnist, {Subscriber Supported Investigative Journalism}, 01-10-16 < https://goo.gl/tQbyNt

Books: “The Looting of America,” “How to Make a Million Dollars an Hour,” & “Runaway Inequality”  ~ Les Leopold
Wall Street has no opposition to looting America (corporate welfare).
CEO to average worker income is 1,723:1.  In the 1970’s, it was 45:1.
“Prozac Nation or Bailout Nation? In an exclusive interview with RT’s Marina Portnaya, Les Leopold, author of The Looting of America says Wall Street with continue receiving welfare from the government while the people drown in debt.”
(^^^)   “The Looting of America: Billionaire Bailout Society”
~ @RT_America, {Donate}, 11-05-09, YT, 11:43 < https://goo.gl/tivXeb

-/\/-  American workers are “fighting over the crumbs.”
Wall Street extracted the money since the late 1970’s
Savings Banks, Investment Banks, Leveraged Buyout, Raid Pension Funds, Stock Buy Backs. Underground Economy, Prison Population Increase. Gridlock, Dodd-Frank   (*D-F10)
(^^^)   “Eldridge & Co.: Les Leopold, Author – ‘The Looting of America'”
~ cunytv75, {Subscribe}, 04-02-14, YT, 27:58 < https://goo.gl/7oYVbn

-/\/-  Les Leopold, Book ~ “Runaway Inequality” (.) org
{Notes for a George Noary interview on 12-16-15:
The US has 25% of the worlds incarcerated population.
$21 Trillion is held offshore by the wealthy and their corporations.
We should bring back the “Financial Transaction Tax,” the (1970’s) brain-child of Harvard’s James Tobin.  It’s also called the “Tobin Tax.”  The tax would help get control over Wall Street, because they currently buy US politicians.
If wages had followed productivity in the last 3 decades wages would be double what they are now.
The financial sector is robbing the rest of America using the “Carried Interest Loophole” and risky derivatives (which are bets on bets on bets).
Sharply increase the income tax on CEO’s whose income exceeds 45 to 1 times the average worker’s compensation.
Since the 2008-2009 market crash many municipalities have been targeting the poor with tickets and fines to replace lost income.}
>###(08-17)*FK###*CopyPasteShare↑CreativeCommonsEDU B|

Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1386aa USA KOCH-A.L.E.C. RTW Plantation Deep State/OLIGARCHS: Storefront Corp’s & Political Action Committees
KOCH CONFERENCE 2014: Billionaires, AFP – Americans for (Koch & billionaire) Prosperity, Freedom Partners
Koch Brothers, CEO’s, Lobbyists, Legislators, Billionaire Meeting, Palm Springs, CA, Donors, Libertarians
The Kochs are determined to control state and Federal government.
They’ve already won and now the 1% are dividing America up amongst the Regional Warlords and Corporations listed below by Mother Jones.
“A list of one-on-one meetings between VIP donors and the Kochs and their operatives offers …look into their mighty political machine.”
“After the brothers and their allies failed to win the Senate or unseat Obama in 2012, David Koch told Forbes that this setback would do little to deter them: ‘We’re going to fight the battle as long as we breathe.’ At the Palm Springs conference, as the left-behind-list of VIP meetings shows, the Kochs are lining up serious financial firepower for the political fights of 2014 and beyond.”
“Read the meeting list, along with a guide to the participants…”
(^^^)   “The Koch Brothers Left a Confidential Document at Their Last Donor Conference—Read It Here”
~ Andy Kroll & Daniel Schulman/@MotherJones, {Subscriber Supported Investigative Journalism}, 02-05-14 < https://goo.gl/uEWV46
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Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1386msm USA KOCH-A.L.E.C. RTW Plantation Deep State/ MAIN STREAM MEDIA: Shills For Billionaires & Storefront Corp’s
Book: “Manufacturing Consent: Political Economy of the Mass Media”
~ Edward S. Herman & Noam Chomsky, (1988)
U.S. MEDIA:  Deep State Agenda, Consumerism, Distraction, War w/o End
The US is manufacturing consent for the wealth agenda, propaganda and voter control by Oligarchs.   @noamchomskyT
(^^^)   “Manufacturing Consent – Noam Chomsky and the Media”
~ Noam Chomsky Videos, 02-24-13, YT, 2:40:24 < https://goo.gl/ueiSP4
Manufacturing Consent, @wikipedia, {Donate} < https://goo.gl/PNfhB4
Media of the United States, @wikipedia, {Donate} < https://goo.gl/sTRMkf
Media conglomerate, @wikipedia, {Donate} < https://goo.gl/Fm2N5e
Concentration of media ownership, @wikipedia < https://goo.gl/hFQVL6
Deregulation, @wikipedia, {Subscribe/Donate} < https://goo.gl/RPhgMH

(^^^)   ”6 Corporations That Control Your Perception | Think Tank”
~ @breakingtheset/@AbbyMartin, 06-06-13, YT, 7:35 https://goo.gl/MeIQ8Q
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Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1386zz USA KOCH-A.L.E.C. RTW Plantation Deep State/ OLIGARCHS: Storefront Corp’s & Political Action Committees
{ The two Forbes 400 King-controlled “deep states” exert absolute control over the U.S. Government. The rising star deep state has been metastasizing since the 1971 Louis “Powell Memo” to POTUS Richard Nixon. (It was a soon-to-be Supreme Court Justice engineering the corporate takeover of America, the dumbing of its education system, and blasting the citizenry with corporate, think tank and political action committee sponsored propaganda).  It’s the Red-State Koch Plantation(Right-To-Work-for peanuts and Right-To-dictate an-American-mother and father’s-Life)-Federalist-American Legislative(& Judicial Judas)Exchange Council w/War-Oil-Coal-Pharma-Insurance Corp’s and CEO’s, NRA (Nihilist Rapid-fire Assassins), Private/Intl. US Chamber of Commerce and USA Oligarchs (regional economic warlord billionaires and millionaires) Cabal…and their flying monkeys Reagan, Trump, Pence, McConnell, Ryan and the white gun-slinger Tea Party piss stream.
So Forbes 400 Kings, an invisible cabal of international oligarchs, run the country with the aid of “untaxed profits” (plowed into political campaigns, two parties and alphabet news) from their corporate storefronts.  Corporations groom and generate revolving door actors who move from industry to government management to lobbyist.  They vet future Judges and Supreme Court Justices in the court system where corporate lawyers do the selecting.  The Kings exploit Congress-approved IRS not-for-profit status of certain Political Action Committees who press deep state sponsor’s interests. ~ IGRPP }

Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1666a KLEPTOCRACY:  Gov’t Capture, Dark $
Political Action Committee funds are sourced from foreign governments, multinational corporations, speculating hedge funds, wealthiest international 1%, and publically traded “common stock” shareholder’s confiscated Wall Street returns …corporate (management) boards, C.F.O’s (corporate Chief Financial Officers) and C.E.O.’s (corporate Chief Executive Officers). Politically active large corporations and oligarchs (the rich who by-and-large own large corporations) fund mostly U.S. right-wing Libertarian Anarcho-Capitalist Political Action Committees – P.A.C.’s.
Forbes 400 Kings (wealthy oligarchs or plutocrats) select and finance neo-conservative U.S. and State candidates (even local) and politicians who are expected to enact favorable legislation for the 1%.
Federal and State tax codes are riddled with a labyrinth of customized laws written by and for multinational corporations and the oligarchs. The spare pocket change invested in “customizing” democracy produces a rogue fascist Corporatocracy and not a “socially involved” democratic republic form of government.
Multinational corporations and the oligarchs who own them influence the selection of U.S. District, Circuit and Supreme Court Judiciary (judicial branch of gov’t) nominees by “hand picking” and endorsing Presidents and Governors (executive branch of gov’t) and U.S. and State Senators (legislative branch of gov’t) who choose or “block” judicial nominees. (That might explain why the U.S.A. has an incarceration rate which is 7-8 times that of the other 34 “developed” countries.)
Forbes 400 Kings media is full of ad-supported propaganda aimed at influencing program content (encouraging and discouraging subject matter) and prostituting voter values to “help” establish corporate profit-charter dominance and control of the US Government …in phase 4 cancer-capitalism or fascism. Politically influenced programming and legislative activity amounts to “government Munchhausen by proxy” using program content, neo-conservative legislators and attack-ad sound-bites pistol-whipping voters.  Forbes media plays a crucial role in de-motivating half of the voters and activating neo-conservatives who respond to fear and hate by voting against their own interests.  The U.S. is 137th in the world in voting. (Communications consolidation was legalized in stages by laws passed and signed by Ronald Reagan in 1986 and Bill Clinton in 1996.)
Not-For-Profit IRS CATEGORY GROUPS include:
(1.)  IRS 501(c)(3) qualified organizations are churches which are designated as “apolitical” by law, a condition of their tax exempt status.  But some Washington D.C. “C-Street” religious fundamentalist organizations offer conservative US Legislators reduced rate housing (in D.C. ), while others church denominations and individual preachers “activate” neo-conservative voters from the pulpit.  Many evangelical churches openly violate their “IRS status” by “coaching the flock” to vote for or against a particular political party or candidate based on a single emotional issue. (Thus they should be fully taxed. But pragmatism rules and they are not sanctioned because the party that proposed such an action to preserve democracy assumes that it would be punished at the polls by “sheeple,” who are already well-trained blind-believing single-issue voters).
(2.)  IRS 501(c)(4) qualified organizations are “Exclusively” or Primarily “social good” organizations with “no donor disclosure” requirement.
501(c)4 applicant groups created a 2013 controversy. Tea Party, Occupy, and Progressive self-named groups were discovered by IRS “word search” in order to scrutinize the potentially “disqualifying political nature” of applicant organizations. The wording in “the federal law” said (says)   “exclusively” social good organization.  The IRS itself “illegally” changed the “instruction to agents” to read “primarily” social good organization in 1959.  This created vague terminology and a legal contention of “reasonable doubt” that is effectively used to camouflage and comingle social good activities (as low as 51%) with political attack activity (as high as 49%) …all financed by the Federal tax code.  The “illegal wording change” resulted in completely “subjective” oversight, as well as arguable IRS Category qualification standards.
(3.)  IRS 527 Political Groups who must “disclose donors” also accept donations from IRS 501(c)4 organizations who “do not disclose” donors. This “complicates oversight” significantly, often placing judgment calls in the courts of Conservative Judges, who comprise about 70%* of the combined Federal District, Circuit, & Supreme Court Judges. *(The imbalance of conservative Judges and Justices is due primarily to Republican/Ts “blocking” Democratic Judicial nominations… i.e. US Senate  Republican stalling and “Cloture” vote. (60 votes were required to bring a bill or action to the Senate floor pre-December 2013. An exception was made for Judicial nominees).
The objectives of Forbes 400 King’s pay-to-play activities is tax-avoidance, industry deregulation, reduced competition and privatization (profitization) of thrifty not-for-profit government services. This results in market monopolies, free-trade treasury-raids, corporate law suit protection, shifting the tax burden for infrastructure improvements (needed by corporations) to tax-payers, and spare funds to seed voter ignorance and apathy.
(Corporate) Citizens United decision v. Federal Election Commission 01-21-10 by the US Supreme Court Fascist Republicans emboldened wealth hoarding “democracy hating” rich psychopaths. They wield the power of free unlimited ad-speech and “charity money bombs” aimed at democracy’s demise to please themselves, Anarcho-Libertarian Capitalists.
501 & 527 Political Action Committees SPECIFIC FUNDING SOURCES include:
1.)  Personal “Gross” Income contributions originate from pre-taxed un-taxed IRS tax-deductible “charity” dollars …primarily from the rich;
2.)  Corporate “Gross-Profit” contributions (that shave stockholder dividends) originate from pre-taxed un-taxed IRS tax-deductible “charity” dollars. (85% of the shares of publically traded corporations are held by individuals with income in the top 5%);
3.)  Corporate industry “professional trade organization” dues and contributions (that result from shaving stockholder dividends) originate from pre-taxed un-taxed IRS designated tax-deductible “charity” dollars. “Comingling funds” of big corporations obscures individual activity of contributors in a “money pool/money bomb.”  Contributions to “professional” organizations have the effect of “laundering” any single corporations role in passing anti-American pro-industry pay-to-play fascist legislation;
4.)  A single source wealth “Foundation,” one rich guy’s Political Action Committee, contributions originate from pre-taxed un-taxed IRS designated tax-deductible “charity” dollars.  The slush funds are used in direct action for “self-interest,” and also by “gifting” to other “Foundations” and P.A.C.s, with intent to “comingle funds” and “obscure” pay-to-play activity from the public;
5.)   “Collector” Foundations, a bunch of rich folks,  profit-charter corporations and political actions committees who “professionally comingle gifts” in a “money pool” laundering money from any single individual, corporation, organization, or foundation (“all-of-the-above”) sources. The “collector foundation” effectively obscures political activity.
Examples: Donors Trust, and A.L.E.C. – un-American Legislative Exchange Council;
Ginning up “fear and hate” surrounding the “National Debt” (which they don’t want to pay a fair share of) and legitimate popular “Entitlement” Insurance Programs (like Social Security, Unemployment, and Medicaid paid for w/every pay check) in Americans who “don’t understand” corporation’s & oligarch’s propaganda or motives.
Right-wing forces have been working to roll back the post-depression “New Deal” social equality and “social democratic” revolution of POTUS F.D.R.  The right-wing oligarch and shills-for-billionaires lost more ground in the early-1960’s when slain POTUS Kennedy passed his social reform movement to his successor and POTUS L.B.J. era legislators. Right-Wing fascist’s goal is to destroy pre-paid insurance programs …like Medicare, Social Security and Unemployment by “break-fixing” the entire Social Safety Net. (These funds were borrowed for tax-breaks for the rich and corporations during the Reagan administration. And $1.1 Trillion of the $2.6 Trillion was used to finance George W. Bush administration wars).
Forbes 400 Kings skillfully elect conservative blind-believing idiots who hire administrative dolts.  Together they aim to underfund and break previously successful not-for-profit government programs. It’s done to scare the American people to pragmatically back a forced sell-off, privatization, or “profitization” of not-for-profit government assets, utilities, and services.  (examples: pay-to-play Charter Schools without unions; and attacks on the Constitutionally instituted U.S. Postal Service by Federal Express and United Parcel Service – U.P.S. who only cover 75% of U.S. Post Office routes.  FedEx & UPS fund U.S Congressmen because Anarcho-Libertarian Capitalists want to break Unions, crush collective bargaining, reinstate slavery-w/a-night-pass wages, and maximize profits for monopolies.)
High National Debt was brought on by:
(1.)  POTUS 43 George W. Bush administration budget deputy Mitch Daniel’s “imitative” to fund 2 wars off the books, borrow $1.1 Trillion from Social Security Insurance Trust Funds and pass an unfunded Medicare-D full price drug program, a law that was written by a drug-corp lobbyist;
(2.)  Dropping the capital gains tax rates on corporations and oligarchs (15% before deductions versus working person’s wage tax rate of 39%) to the historically lowest levels in 95 years. (25% of the largest multinational corporations pay nothing.)
(3.)  Participation in a series of Free-Trade “Treasury-Raid” Agreements (not endorsed by U.S. skilled trade unions) and lowering tariffs to the lowest percentage levels in the nation’s 200 year history;
(Since N.A.F.T.A., the North American Free Trade Agreement, was signed by POTUS Bill Clinton, $10 Trillion in debt was taken on to the U.S. Treasury in what Steel Workers President Leo Gerard describes as “the U.S. State Department’s geopolitical agenda.”);
(4.)  Repeated U.S. stock market bubbles and crashes due to the repeal of Glass-Steagall Act of 1935, and replacement by the Republican Gramm-Leach-Bliley Commodities “Modernization” Act of 1999 (which deregulated of big banks, combining real estate mortgage banks and speculative investment banks in the Wall Street Casino …encouraging monumental risk and unlimited speculation in derivative bets-on-bets);
(5.)  Tripling the funding of U.S. Military, since 1990, for a task that amounts to empire building, colonization of sovereign countries, and making the world safe for multinational corporation’s resource extraction and access to foreign slave labor;
(6.)  Lowering wages to compete with populous slave labor countries to maximize profit-charter benefits to those who are already rich;
No Social Safety Net including 70+ government programs:
1.)  No Social Security Insurance;
2.)  No Medicare Retirement Health Insurance;
3.)  No Medicaid Program;
4.)  No S.N.A.P. Food Assistance;
5.)  No Unemployment Insurance;
Generally minimize the size, role, and scope of (“big”) government & thrifty-not-for-profit government services;
Privatize/”profitize” education at all levels;
No regulation of corporations;
No E.P.A. – Environmental Protection Agency;
No global disaster/global warming response;
Privatize disaster areas… coastlines, farms etc;
No disaster relief or F.E.M.A. funding;
No civilization supporting taxes;
Privatization of all thrifty-not-for-profit government services;
Privatization of all publicly held energy and water utilities, etc;
Privatization of all publicly held real estate assets – buildings, roads, bridges, public land, and parks, etc;
No public or private employee unions/break all collective bargaining agreements;
Dissolve the concept of the minimum wage allowing the international market slave-wage to prevail;
Fill private prisons using laws penned by the private prison industry and enforced by 70% neo-conservative Republican/T judges and justices;  
No funding civilization except courts, police and military complexes;
*NOTE: Privatization Means increase the price of services 3% – 20% a year

Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1666b KLEPTOCRACY:  Gov’t Capture, Dark $
POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEES 527 & 501(c) Org’s: Deep State Legislation; Tax Cuts For Oligarchs and Corporate Storefronts
527 Groups are described as, delimited, or required to:
1.)   “U.S. tax-exempt organization organized under Section 527 of the U.S. Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. § 527)”
2.)   “created primarily to influence the selection, nomination, election, appointment or defeat of candidates to federal, state or local public office.”
3.)   “almost all political committees, including state, local, and federal candidate committees, traditional political action committees, ‘Super PACs’, and political parties are ‘527s'”
4.)   “no upper limits on contributions to 527s”
5.)   “no restrictions on who may contribute”
6.)   “must register with the IRS, publicly disclose their donors and file periodic reports of contributions and expenditures”
(^^^)   “527 Organizations” ~ @Wikipedia, {Donate} < https://goo.gl/YYnPQG

501(c) Groups are described as, delimited, or required to:
1.)   “a tax-exempt nonprofit organization in the United States. Section 501(c) of the United States Internal Revenue Code (26 U.S.C. § 501(c))”
2.)   “can receive unlimited contributions from individuals, corporations, and unions”
3ab.)   “501(c)(4) & 501(c)(6) categories are for politically active nonprofit”
3c.)   “most common type 501(c)(3), charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering amateur sports competition, or preventing cruelty to children or animals”
(^^^)  “501(c) organization” ~ @Wikipedia, {Donate} https://goo.gl/Hw2ek5

POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE: IRS 501(c)4, Anonymous, Social Welfare, Civic League Organizations, Not Organized For Profit
In 2010, IRS word search criteria targeting Tea Party, (and later Progressive, Occupy) and other not-for-profit organization applications for “tax exempt” status.  The IRS word search ”targeting” scandal on Category 501(c)4 – Social Good Organizations uncovered and IRS instruction change;
A self-described “Conservative” IRS supervisor used programmed “search terms” to ferret out and disqualify applications of groups with “political goals” in the IRS 501(c)4 qualification “screening” process. They Included “search terms” such as:  Progressive, Blue, Tea Party, Patriot and Occupy …which were all used to “scrutinize” the authenticity of “social welfare” groups …defined as non-political not-for-profit organizations.
(^^^)   “Why the real IRS scandal “
~ @Lawrence O ‘Donnell/@MSNBC, 05-13-13, V15:34 https://goo.gl/o4rTmZ

(^^^)   “Why the real IRS scandal happened in 1959” ↑
~ Evan Puschak – MSNBC, 05-13-13 (updated 03-05-14)

DARK MONEY:  The Center for Responsive Politics; 501(c)(4), $3 million in 2004, $86 million in 2008, $250 million in 2012
(^^^)   “Ruth Marcus: Shedding light on dark money”
~ Ruth Marcus/@washingtonpost, 05-20-14 https://goo.gl/Fe1RjZ

DARK MONEY PETITION:  View the unsuccessful “Petition” to change an “illegally modified” and ambiguous “instruction” to I.R.S. Agents that muddied interpretation of a US law covering I.R.S. 501(c)4 social-good civic league organizations and their tax exempt “without donor disclosure” status;
I.R.S. 501(c)4 tax exempt category has been abused by those who have a political agenda because it requires no disclosure of donors;
Web Site: “we petition the Obama Administration to:
issue an Executive Order nullifying IRS “regulation” re: 501(c)4’s and mandating the original statute be enforced.”
Petitions, Whitehouse < REMOVED

Political Action Committees
Law Governing “Civic Leagues” 501(c)4’s “Illegally Changed” by the IRS
Wording in the Law governing, interpreting, determining, and authorizing of 501(c)4 Not-For-Profit Social Good Org Status was changed by the IRS from “Exclusively” in the Law to “Primarily” in the wording of IRS instructions in 1959.
The IRS “illegally” took upon itself the authority to change the law by substituting (expanding) the word “primarily” for “exclusively” in 1959.
The word “exclusively” is objective and clear by nature, while the term “primarily” is a subjective word by nature and magnitudes more vague. 
“Primarily” is subject to human interpretation, dispute, and argument, but “exclusively” is clear cut and definitive.
The word “exclusively” in the U.S. “Law” was replaced by “Primarily” in “IRS instruction” to IRS enforcement agents reviewing 501(c)4 tax exempt (social welfare) civic organization applicants. UNBELIEVABLE!
US Senator Carl Levin and U.S. Rep. Sander Levin – Minority Leader – House Ways & Means Committee both “get it” that a US Law has been “Illegally Changed” by the IRS.  Next committee meeting is 05-17-13;
“For 54 years, the IRS has gotten away with the crime of changing the word ‘exclusively’ to ‘primarily’”
“Speaker John Boehner wants to know who’s going to jail over the “scandal” at the I.R.S., and MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell called that the “stupidest thing” the Speaker’s ever said. He has more in his latest Rewrite.”
(^^^)   “Rewriting Washington on the I.R.S.”
~ @Lawrence O’Donnell/@MSNBC, 05-16-13, V, 8:37 https://goo.gl/qNoKTz

-/\/-  Benghazi Attack, Investigation, Email Release, Congressional Intelligence Committees; IRS Review, Tea Party, 501(c)4, Tax Exempt, (Social Welfare) Civic Organization, Applicants; AP, Phone Records, Subpoena Investigation
“IRS agents did nothing wrong” ~ Lawrence O’Donnell
“After President Obama released the Benghazi emails and got rid of the acting head of the IRS, MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell, Krystal Ball and Richard Wolff weigh in on President Obama taking action and attempting to contain the IRS and Benghazi email…”
(^^^)   “Determining scandals from facts”   @profwolff @demmocracyatwrk
~ @Lawrence O’Donnell/@MSNBC, 05-15-13, 11:50 https://goo.gl/uwDw9H
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Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1666b KLEPTOCRACY:  Gov’t Capture, Dark $
Political Action Committees
Funding for “political speech” by Forbes 400 Kings and their multinational corporate media and message was made possible by five neo-fascist conservatives on the US Supreme Court.  Conservative Justices were pitched to Republican/T Presidents by two activist think-tanks, the Federalist Society and A.L.E.C. – the American Legislative (& Judicial Judas) Exchange Council.
The S-Court-5 corporate-attorney Constitution-twerking Catholic-male rent-boy “JustaSSes” bent over backwards to please Forbes 400 Kings by twerking the Constitution to meet the objectives of wealth.  Their overtly “fascist” rulings included:
One, (Corporate) Citizens United vs. F.E.C. – Federal Election Commission on 01-21-10 (The ruling effectively said multinational corporation’s untaxed gross profits, international billionaire’s pocket change, and foreign nation donor’s “money is (free) speech” and “corporations are people,” with rights accorded to them by the U.S. Constitution.
Two, (Billionaire) McCutcheon vs. F.E.C. on 04-04-14 (Billionaires can buy congress members, mayors, or county commissioners and spawn more regional warlords united against us.); and
Three, Gutting the Voting Rights Act of 1965 on 06-25-13 (It allows red state Republican/Ts to steal elections without court supervision in the future).

Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1666c KLEPTOCRACY:  Gov’t Capture, Dark $
The candidate who spends the most wins 94% of the time.  The Supreme Court decided that money is speech and corporations are people.  Oligarchs are special people who may speak more.
Citizens (Corporations) United v. Federal Election Commission, 01-21-10
McCutcheon (Oligarchs United) v. Federal Election Commission, 04-04-14
“Report: Voluntary Corporate Political Spending Disclosure Does Not Work”
~ @CREW, {Subscribe/Donate}, 04-15-14  < https://goo.gl/cfq2Gu

“Here are the secret ways super PACs and campaigns can work together”
~ Matea Gold/@washingtonpost, 07-06-15 < https://goo.gl/uhHgPZ
>(08-17)*CWS*E16*EF*SC*CopyPasteShare↑CreativeCommonsEDU B|

Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1666e KLEPTOCRACY:  Gov’t Capture, Dark $
“Funds allocated to organizations lobbying against Obama’s climate bill and working to undermine rules to reduce carbon pollution, tax records show”
CLIMATE SCHEPTIC FUNDING: Climate Chaos, Droughts, Floods, 6TH Extinction
Franklin Center, Federalist Society, State Policy Network, Hudson Institute, Mercatus Center, American Enterprise Institute, GMU Foundation, Committee  for a Constructive Tomorrow, (Koch Brothers) Americans for Prosperity Foundation, Competitive Enterprise Institute, Judicial Education Institute, Heartland Institute, Discovery Institute, Americans for Limited Government Research Foundation
(Source: Guardian Data from US tax returns)
“The conservative think-tanks are really the spearhead of the conservative assault on climate change,” said Riley Dunlap, a sociologist at Oklahoma State University who studies environmental politics
“Secretive donors gave US climate denial groups $125m over three years”
~ Suzanne Goldenberg and Helena Bengtsson/@guardian, {Subscriber Supported Investigative Journalism}, 06-09-15 < https://goo.gl/b13HGz

(^^^)   “Noam Chomsky: How Climate Change Became a ‘Liberal Hoax’”
~ @thenation, {Donate}, 01-24-11, YT, 21:49 < https://goo.gl/2fJV2e

(^^^)   “Bill McKibben: Why Climate Change Is the Most Urgent Challenge We Face”  @billmckibben  @350 @350action (avoid hell & high water disasters)
~ @thenation, {Subscribe}, 01-24-11, YT, 28:10 < https://goo.gl/tEUfjd
>###(08-17)*FK(*E6E)###*CopyPasteShare↑CreativeCommonsEDU B|

Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1666l KLEPTOCRACY:  Gov’t Capture, Dark $
Sourcing Legislation: Lobbyist, Corporate, Think Tanks, Political Action Committees; Septic Laws are “tracked to the source” by text algorithm.
The L.I.D. – Legislative Influence Detector software program from the University of Chicago uncovers the source or the special interest “creators” of legislation by sifting all character text for matches to previously sourced bills.  {And this offering came from the University that propelled (Chicago School) Economist Milton Friedman to power and influence that killed millions of human beings on all continents (except Australia) through clean slate, shock doctrine, economic austerity, Coup d’État, and War.}
“We use the Smith-Waterman local-alignment algorithm to find matching text across documents. This algorithm grabs pieces of text from each document and compares each word, adding points for matches and subtracting points for mismatches.” ~ DSSG
(^^^)   “Legislative Influence Detector (LID)”
~ Data Science for Social Good, {Subscribe} < http://dssg.uchicago.edu/lid/

TRANSPARENCY: Big Data  “Big data is helping to bring transparency to the darker corners of politics.”
(^^^)   “When Lobbyists Write Legislation, This Data Mining Tool Traces The Paper Trail”
~ Jessica Leber/Fast Coexist, {Subscribe}, 10-26-15 < https://goo.gl/CjEDnv

(^^^)   “DSSG: Abortion Bill Text Reuse”
~ Computation Institute, 07-23-15, YT, 0:08 https://goo.gl/QAiHmn
>###(08-17)*FK*ULC###*CopyPasteShare↑CreativeCommonsEDU B|

Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1666l KLEPTOCRACY:  Gov’t Capture, Dark $$
US Senate , US Tax Policy, Tax Cuts; Glass-Steagall, Deregulation; Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Derivatives, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Commodity Futures Modernization Act, (Corporate) Citizens United;
*POTUS39 Jimmy Carter *POTUS40 Ronald Reagan *POTUS43 George W Bush
American Action Network, Fred Malek; US Chamber of Commerce; American Crossroads, Karl Rove, Crossroads GPS;
“Creating a country of the rich, by the rich, and for the rich.”
Watchdog: Center for Responsive Politics
“In 1978, the Carter administration and Congress took a red pen to the tax code, slashing the top rate of the capital gains tax from 48% to 28%—an enormous boon for wealthy Americans.”
(^^^)   “How the Oligarchs Took America”
~ Andy Kroll/@MotherJones, {Donate} 12-02-10 < https://goo.gl/DQGfbR
>###(07-17)*FK*EC*SC###*CopyPasteShare↑CreativeCommonsEDU B|

Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1666t KLEPTOCRACY:  Gov’t Capture, Dark $
WORLD ECONOMIC FORUM:  Shadow Sovereigns, Global Corporations, Banks, Wall Street, Transnational Corporations, CEO, Board, 4th Branch of Government, No Sovereignty, Trade Treaties, Secret Negotiations
“Transnational corporations are demanding the right to what they call ‘competitiveness’: lower taxes, control over lawmaking, and the right to sue governments for affecting profits. In her new book, Shadow Sovereigns: How Global Corporations are Seizing Power, Susan George shines a light on the secret corporate coalitions that are influencing critical government decisions and posing a direct threat to democracy.!”
“The Rise of the Illegitimate Authority of Transnational Corporations”
~ Susan George/Polity Books/via Truth Out, {Subscribe}, 12-03-15
< https://goo.gl/Lc3TCk

GLOBAL ELITES: Oxfam America, Global Inequity, 62 People, Global Financial System, Tax Havens, Caymen Islands, Global Elites, DAVOS Conference
(^^^)   “The 1% Economy: The World’s Richest 62 People Now Have as Much as Poorest 3.6 Billion”
~ @democracynow, {Donate}, 01-21-16 < https://goo.gl/DpV5cB

(^^^)   “Tax Havens • Explained With Maps”
~ Explained With Maps, {Subscribe}, 01-10-15, Y5:07 https://goo.gl/EAuUHD
>###(01-16)*FK###*CopyPasteShare↑CreativeCommonsEDU B|

Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1666t KLEPTOCRACY:  Gov’t Capture, Dark $
83 publically traded corporations shifted $90 billion per year
4,000 rich Americans evade taxation by setting up empty “shell companies” and fake corporate fronts in Caribbean banks.
“In an extended essay, Bill shares striking extremes of wealth and poverty
across the country.”  Moyers discusses “wealth extraction” from the U.S.
(^^^)   “Bill Moyers Essay: The United States of Inequality”
~ @MoyersNews/@commondreams, {Subscriber Supported Investigative Journalism}, 04-12-13, Video, 13:33 < https://goo.gl/NWZCtF

OLIGARCH TAX HAVENS: Off-Shoring, Tax Havens, 2.5 Million Records
“A trove of leaked documents 160 times the size of Wikileaks’ cache …vast global web of tax havens …the world’s wealthiest hide their fortunes …15-mo. investigation …International Consortium of Investigative Journalists”
“UPDATED: 2.5 million records expose hidden dealings, 22,000-plus companies using sham directors”
(^^^)   “Largest ever leak reveals vast tax evasion web”
~ Natasha Lennard/@Salon {Donate}, 04-04-13 < https://goo.gl/3b1vTA

UBS, CREDIT SUISSE & GOLDMAN SACHS: Off Shore Tax Havens, Super-Rich Hiding Trillions From Taxation
(^^^)   “STUDY: Super-Rich Hiding At Least $21 Trillion In Tax Havens”
~ Steven Perlberg/@thinkprogress, {Donate}, 07-23-12 https://goo.gl/62h3Zg

(^^^)   “US Corporations are Hiding $21 Trillion Overseas”
~ @ringoffireradio, {Donate}, 10-06-15 < https://goo.gl/OlMa81

(^^^)   “Tax Havens • Explained With Maps”
~ Explained With Maps, {Subscribe}, 01-10-15, Y5:07 https://goo.gl/EAuUHD

(^^^)   “Exposed…Walmart’s Secret Tax Havens”
~ @Thom_Hartmann/Big Picture @RT_America, {Donate}, 06-19-15, YT, 6:25
@Walmart < https://goo.gl/K6cgkY

-/\/- “Corporate criminals have overrun the Government.” ~ Ralph Nader
BOOK:  “Told You So” ~ Ralph Nader, Consumer Advocate, Green Party
Corporations are above the law.  They pay a small fine compared to profit realized and no one goes to jail and no corporate charters are pulled.
Apple avoided paying $44 Million in U.S. Taxes; Apple Computer is using tax havens to hide income.  Tim Cook is Apple’s CEO.
“American Fascism… It’s the control of government by big business …subsidies, handouts, give a ways, deferred prosecutions, non-prosecutions”
“We have the lowest minimum wage in the western world. …greatest amount of consumer debt. …highest child poverty, the highest adult poverty, huge under-employment, a crumbling public works, but huge multi-billionaires, and hugely profitable corporations.”
(^^^)   “American Fascism: Ralph Nader Decries How Big Business Has Taken Control of the US Government”  @RalphNader
~ @democracynow, { Donate}, 06-04-13, Vid., 21:00 https://goo.gl/qWdq8M

-/\/- The TPP corporate written “Trade Deal” is being negotiated by multi- millionaire U.S. Trade Representative, Mike Froman, who has a (tax haven) Caribbean bank account.  He was previously an assistant to the POTUS 44, Barack Obama.
Multi-Billionaire and Chicagoan Penny Pritzker of the Hyatt Hotel fortune was “confirmed” as U.S. Commerce Secretary.  Pritzker recruited big money millionaire and billionaire donors to back *IL Senator Barack Obama’s candidacy after serving a mere 1.5 years.
“Obama rounds out economic team with commerce, trade picks”
~ Jeff Mason & Doug Palmer/@Reuters, WKZO, {Subscribe}, 05-02-13 _
< https://goo.gl/WxyCjR

AMERICAN OLIGARCHS, INTERNATIONAL TAX EVASTION: WHISTLEBLOWER JAILED! USB Whistleblower, Bradley Birkenfeld, Jailed, Federal Penitentiary; District Court, Judge William Zloch, Notre Dame Alumni
{FYI: 5 Corporate Catholic Rent-Boy Just-asses are on the Supreme Court.}
BOOK: “LUCIFERS BANKER” ~ Bradley Birkenfeld, Bank Whistleblower
{A United Bank of Switzerland AG (Zurich, Switzerland) banker exposed the secret Swiss Bank accounts of U.S. Billionaires involved in tax evasion and was imprisoned for his service.  (Crooked) U.S. District Court Federal Judge, a Notre Dame graduate, used “harsh methods” to protect the rich American tax-dodging oligarchs (and for the sake of GOP “trickle-down” golden-shower economics). ~ IGRPP }
United Bank of Switzerland (USB Whistleblower)   “Bradley Birkenfeld… headed for prison even though he blew the whistle on a multibillion-dollar international U.S. tax fraud conspiracy.  Birkenfeld’s information let the U.S. pierce Swiss bank secrecy laws as never before possible.”
“…Birkenfeld sentence (40 months) stands as an insult to any claim that the government wants Whistleblowers to step up.”
U.S. tax scofflaws and USB conspirators all got far less time in Federal Prison or probation.
“U.S. District Judge William Zloch (of Southern District of Florida, a Ronald Reagan Appointee, and a Notre Dame Law School Graduate) offered no explanation…” ~ Ann Woolner/Bloomberg News
(^^^)   “UBS Whistleblower Gets Rewarded With Prison Time: Ann Woolner”
~ Ann Woolner/Bloomberg @business, {Subscribe}, 08-25-09 (*WB) _**
@UBS @LucifersBanker < https://goo.gl/KYZfq7

(^^^)   “UBS Whistle-Blower Secures $104 Million Award From IRS”
~ Tom Schoenberg & David Voreacos/Bloomberg @business, 09-11-12 _
@UBS @LucifersBanker < https://goo.gl/8rZZcX

(^^^)   “USB Whistle-Blower Birkenfeld Allowed to Testify in France”
~ David Voreacos/Bloomberg Tech @business, {Subscribe}, 02-17-15 _
@UBS @LucifersBanker < https://goo.gl/iupYAI

WHISTLEBLOWER LAW: US Legislative House Majority Attempting To Overturn Whistleblower Protection Law Adopted By POTUS Lincoln; Republicans & Blue-Dogs Can’t Be Trusted
“Mike Papantonio and Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. discuss the history of Qui Tam (also known as False Claims or Whistleblower Lawsuits) and how courageous corporate insiders have come forward to expose the rampant corruption of major corporations, and how that corruption is helping to undermine our democracy.”
(^^^)   “Papantonio & Kennedy on Corporate Corruption & Fraud – Pt. 1/4”
~ @americaslawyer, Mike Papantonio, @ringoffireradio, {Subscribe}, 07-19-12, YT, 8-41 < https://goo.gl/WH4E3n    (*ULC)
Pt. 2, @ringoffireradio, {Donate}, 07-19-12, YT, 6:36 < https://goo.gl/BKRZlV
Pt. 3, @ringoffireradio, {Donate}, 07-19-12, YT, 9:34 < https://goo.gl/THiEZD
Pt. 4, @ringoffireradio, {Donate}, 07-19-12, YT, 12:53 https://goo.gl/hU7AdX
>###(08-17)*CW*E162*FK###*CopyPasteShare↑CreativeCommonsEDU B|

Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1666t KLEPTOCRACY:  Gov’t Capture, Dark $
“Hedge Fund Regulation, Fund Managers Panel – House Oversight Committee …on Government Reform and Oversight.  Hedge Fund Managers and financial experts testified about federal regulation of financial markets, operation of hedge funds, and the recent global financial crisis. The hearing focused on several issues including executive compensation, proposed regulations and tax reforms, and the nature of risk within financial markets.”
(^^^)   “Hedge Fund Regulation, Fund Managers Panel”
~ House (.) Resource (.) Org, 12-27-10, YT, 2:06:14 < https://goo.gl/MvwACS
>###(08-17)*FK###*CopyPasteShare↑CreativeCommonsEDU B|

Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1666t KLEPTOCRACY:  Gov’t Capture, Dark $
“global corporate control has a distinct bow-tie shape, with a dominant core of 147 firms radiating out …Each …own interlocking stakes of one another and together they control 40% of the wealth in the network. A total of 737 control 80% of it all. …the first map of the structure of global corporate control.”
{ Multinational corporations are capitalist’s profit-charter store-fronts that disguise oligarch’s greed, power, money laundering and influence peddling operations while advocating for coup d’état, war, colonization, nation and slave capture, treasury and resource plunder, cultural reformation and “Russian Doll” consumer training. ~ IGRPP }
(^^^)   “The 147 Companies That Control Everything”
~ Bruce Upbin/@Forbes, {Subscribe}, 10-22-11 < https://goo.gl/a963yb

-/\/-  “The top 50 of the 147 superconnected companies” Listed
“Revealed – the capitalist network that runs the world”
~ Andy Coghlan & Debora MacKenzie/NewScientist, {Subscriber Supported Investigative Journalism}, 10-24-11 < https://goo.gl/6iHZF2

“When we talk about two things that should never be combined, government and Corporatism is one of them. The massive power held by U.S. global corporations and the rich and powerful has the ability to do irreparable damage to America.”
(^^^)   “Government and Corporate America: A Marriage Made in Hell”
~ Michael Payne/@NationofChange/Op, 05-25-15 < https://goo.gl/8wSmoF
>#(08-17)*CW*CBWS*FK*ST#*CopyPasteShare↑CreativeCommonsEDU B|

Forbes 400 Hoarding Anarchists-1666z KLEPTOCRACY:  Gov’t Capture, Dark $
Wealth Hoarding, Monopoly, Addictions, Societal Outcomes
(^^^)   “Zeitgeist: Moving Forward | Official Release | 2011”
~ TZMOfficialChannel, {Subscribe}, 01-25-11, YT, 2:41:25 _
< https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Z9WVZddH9w
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About greenenvscithr

This American, a socially concerned blogger, is a conservationist and an anti-desertification advocate. Cultures with paralyzed memories expand deserts. These cause and effect traits define human impact in the geologic warming period that is marked by population explosion, technological advancement and desertification of vast tracts of arable land. As a tree-hugger, it’s easy to look around the world at deforestation which dries climates, decreases surface water, but increases soil erosion and global warming …evaluating them as slow motion end-times behaviors. It should also be noted that progressive behavioral change holds the potential to stride toward sustainability, and coexistence on a blue-green planet …with others who look, think, talk, or act differently. (Tribalism + Nationalism + Profit-Charter = Corp’s War + Human Carnage + Environmental Disaster) If regard for a living environment reached a status equal to that fomented by deities, a bond uniting humanity across cultural and national borders could really exist. The human behavior instruction manual might offer a harmonic concrete experience instead of the confusion in an 1,189 chapter tyrant's windsock that requires interpreters with different intentions to construct misunderstandings about both physical and virtual worlds. Any deity that demands intellectual hypocrisy to absorb what is abstract, and funnels prey to the misguidance that mandates blind-belief, silence and complicity (while spreading clinical paranoid schizophrenia) will just lead people where psychopaths designate. Most religions are better described as "Maleligions" …as their traditions and laws are male contrived and dominated hierarchies. They generally concentrate on controlling women for the convenience of men, and programming both for the advantage of tyrants. A dictator wants blind-believers with a testosterone disadvantage and compliant cracker ovens to repopulate followers, thus erasing fatal mistakes in his tyrannical judgment. Creating “emotional deserts” raft with mental vortexes, (in which to become psychologically lost), leads stealthily to the cultural dissonance and distraction that produces the real ones, “rock paved deserts.” The human race is minimally a gaggle of tribes of desert-makers, except for a few that live sustainably. Freed from the bondage of a hereafter (that promises a reunion with familiar like minded people and an aura of mystery), progress and sustainability (unencumbered by cultural apathy and a parched pre-destiny) could exist. But religions general heading is in the opposite direction… suppressing women, sporting flat earth firewalls and celebrating dark-age “dolthood” as it spills human brain power into an everlasting insurance policy. Generally speaking, mysterious religions provide segues between human ignorance and corrupt psychopaths in an overall unconscious effort to leave no planet worth inhabiting. 3,018 ac edited 09-27-14
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